Tuesday, December 04, 2007


James was finally able to take possession of his new (used) truck yesterday. Maybe I'll have a rest from all the aggravation now. It's too darned purdy to be put on the farm though, by next fall there'll be enough dust gathered inside to plant a little cotton crop.


T*mmy said...

It is a right purdy truck!

Hope your burn heals quick!

Have a great day!

Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Brenda,
Congratulations on finally getting the truck all finalized. I know yall are ready to use it. I know what ya mean about the New(Used) thing. I've never had a brand spankin new one myself. It's always been a programmed car or a used one. But hey, it's new to me cause I never had it before. LOL. Maybe it won't get too dirty on the farm. I hope yall enjoy it. I do hope you are feeling better. I started sneezing this morning. I hope I ain't getting sick. Take care my friend and have a great Tuesday. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.

Joan said...

That's a beaut!! New (used) the story of our lives too. I do remember we used to buy new ones, but that was when we were young and stupid, now we are just stupid.

cassie-b said...

It doesn't look used.

Good luck with your new truck!

Donna said...

Looks Brand new!! Have fun with it!

Southern to the bone. said...

Very nice!!

Hope your hand is healing, and that y'all are feeling better.

mreddie said...

Now that is a good-looking truck - I know James is proud. ec

special k said...


AndiePandie said...

Oooo purty! :) I keep bugging Mr. AP for a new car and I think he's starting to get annoyed. LOL