Monday, December 24, 2007

I had to write this down before I forgot

Best quote of the day after James mentioned he tried to find the noisiest toys he could.

Jerri: Yeah, and Jami's girls all got quiet things that only click a little. What did mine get? A baby doll who shits, and a singing pig!"

Hahahahahaha, I'm STILL laughing.


Phyllis said...

Now those I have got to see!!
Pictures please!!
Merry Christmas! I'll be thinking of you when I wake up tomorrow morning around 10:00am at my quiet lonely house. ahhhhhhhhhh.
Enjoy the wonderful chaos.

Whispering Hope said...

HAHAHAHA - That's "so" funny!! I love Jerri, she's a hoot!!

Merry Christmas, Ms. Brenda. :)

Cindra said...

Oh, my! I liked it better when you had to pretend your baby doll had made a "booboo".
Merry Christmas, Brenda!

Donna said...

LOL FUNNY....we ask for it don't we...lollol

Joe said...

Merry Christmas girl! Have a great week!

Donna said...

I don't know what happened but the look is awfully strange!!!! White background, different colored lettering...Did you try to change your template and those settings??