Thursday, December 20, 2007

Meme from over at Donna's place

Donna had this over at her blog yesterday so I'm a'doin it too cause she asked us to.

Fact #1: I love birds and I especially love hummingbirds. I've taken so many pictures of the birds that live in my yard that one pair of Mockingbirds lets me get pretty close and almost pose for me.
Fact #2: My favorite flower is a sunflower, mainly because of their sturdiness and bright colors. One of my sunflower photos won best of show at the Tri-County fair in September (it wasn't the one below). Sunflowers make me smile.

Fact#3: I hoard things. I think this trait came from both of my grandmothers who were also hoarders, but it could be also that we didn't have much growing up and had to make do with what we did have.

Fact#4: I don't like to be late, and if I am late, something unavoidable happened to prevent me from being on time. It also makes me crazy and antsy to wait on someone who's habitually late.

Fact#5: I do not like to shop especially if I'm going to have to shop some where that will be crowded.


Donna said...

Wonderful things girl!! The pictures are beautiful!! Thanks for doing the meme..Hope you know, you didn't have to!! Hope your day is a Happy one!!!! hug

Whispering Hope said...

I always love to see your sunflower pictures - absolutely awesome!! I may try this, but y'all pretty much know everything about me 'cause I gots a big mouth!