Saturday, November 24, 2007

Attack Deer and Turkey Stuffed Humans

Zach, my nephew, Fisher, and my greatniece, Bailey.

Great Niece, Addison, was doing some major snoozing yesterday. She didn't even wake up through most of the football racket going on over the LSU and Arkansas game.
Turkey stuffed monkeys. Jillian, Alexis, and Jaylen were finally kicking back after a long Thanksgiving day.

Fisher and Jordan were busy playing games and were bored with the camera.

I didn't even get a shot of Krysten, MeriKate, and Abby on Thanksgiving, they were too busy to stay still long enough. I kept waiting to get a shot of all the babies together but one was always missing. MeriKate may have been a little camera shy due to a little incident on the church bus the other evening. A little girl whacked her in the head with her backpack which blacked her eye and knocked out one of her front teeth. It was a baby tooth, thank goodness!

I had fun spending time with Paula on Thursday evening, then she and I met Terri at her daughters yesterday but Detra (my niece) and Paula were busy doing Detra's Christmas decorating, Terri was all intent on the Arkansas-LSU football game, so we didn't get to do a whole lot of catching up.

After reading this, I think I want a buck for protection, forget a guard dog.


Karen H. said...

Good Morning Brenda,
Sounds like yall did have a good Thanksgiving. We did. We were all stuffed turkey's too. LOL. I love the pictures of all your family. It is hard to get all the babies together. Something is always going on with each one. I'm sorry about the one getting hit with a backpack. My youngest daughter got hit in the eye back in the spring with a softball. She plays Coach pitch softball. She was at Harrisburg playing a game and I was at Monette with my oldest daughter playing a game. She had a big black eye. I let her stay home from school the next day. It looked really bad. But it finally got better. We put our tree up Thanksgiving night. I did some more decorating yesterday afternoon. I still have some more decorating to do. Well, take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours. Stay warm as it is cold out this morning.

Karen H.

Cindra said...

That LSU ARK game was something else. I thought we were going to still be there the next morning. Who were you pulling for?

What a crew! You had a houseful! Sounds like there were great times and great food!

cassie-b said...

thanks for the pictures. I always love them.

I must say, that's the oddest deer story I've heard. I'm glad the man didn't get too hurt.


Donna said...

A back-pack can do that kind of damage???? Geez...It must have been loaded! Hope the baby is feeling better!!!!

jazzi said...

Looks like a good Thanksgiving!
We've got a place on campus here in town that has to be cordoned off every year because the deer will attack people walking through. Kind of wierd to hear about, isn't it?

Donna said...

Look AT that new background!!! It's snowing!! I love it!

Cal said...

Very Christmas look and very nice!