Thursday, November 01, 2007

And I thought I was having a bad day,,,,,

Awake a little after 7 cause Jami felt the need to bring the girls over that early so she would be able to study for her 8:30 class.

Had to go to town, with 4 kids, to do the banking, buy gas for my truck, and buy groceries and I'm getting to old to herd 4 kids in the grocery store. I now know for certain that I'd rather be cooped up with wild, ebola carrying, monkeys than to be closed up in a truck with 4 kids.

Anyway, in the news today, or yesterday,,,hell, one day,,, and I can hear these dudes relating their bad luck stories to their good ole boy friends later on,,,

"Well,,,, I was driving home to Arkansas from Texas and the cops stopped me for speeding and started inquiring about those 2 dozen heads I had in that trailer behind my truck,,,,,"

"I was out huntin today, stopped to cross over a fence, and danged if my ole dog didn't shoot me!"


AndiePandie said...

I just sat down for a second. Trying to get my stuff ready for this evening. :) At least the weekend is almost here, right?

cassie-b said...

Just what did you say?