Monday, February 27, 2006

My Prayers

The pastor's job description cannot be written by a church committee, denominational council, the Chamber of Commerce, or the U.S. Congress. His job description has already been written. It is contained within the pages of Holy Scripture. Pastors are some of the most criticized and denigrated people on the planet! They constantly find themselves at the butt end of jokes and sarcasm from unbelievers and are even castigated and harangued by people within the church.

Many times church members do not want to hear the Word of God, they want the Pastor to cater to the wealthy contributors, to wiggle around controversy, and grovel before government bureaucrats, and insist that the Pastor never be confrontational. How difficult and heartwrenching this must be for someone who's sole purpose in the pulpit is to deliver the word of God. How horrid it must be for their families to live behind glass walls and worry that every word, every action, may be misconstrued by those who feel so unimportant that they must use their tongues to destroy the bringer of God's Word.

I hurt today because one of the most God loving families I know is being pushed to the brink of their faith by such church members. I hope they can feel my prayers and the prayers of all their loving friends, now and always.


Andie Pandie said...


Special K said...

I hope this doesn't concern whom I think it might concern. Honestly, if people devoted the same energy to their own salvation as they did to minding the business of their pastors, the New Jerusalem would be quickly at hand.


Mary Lou said...

Well, those that judged will BE judged one day, and hopefully denied entrance to where they wanted to go!

Will Brady said...

Hmmm. Sounds like some people plan their entry to heaven the same way the camel plans on walking through the eye of a needle.

wanda said...

I remember back some time ago someone commented in one of my posts about not seeing too many of the type of 'Christians' I was talking about. I suspect these people are pretty good examples. What I fear most is that the Christian faith is becoming more and more judgemental and less loving and forgiving.
Those who would judge would be wise to remember being Christian means being 'Christ-like'.
I am not one bit surprised by what's happening. Not anymore.

Brent said...

I read a blog several months ago written by a pastor. He was in the same situation. It's so disheartening. Someone who gives so much of themselves to the people of the church, only to find themselves embroiled in POLITICS of those who wish to influence the word of God. I hope it works like it should, Brenda!

D said...

Thank you and we'll survive; whether I have a job after this or not. And believe it or not, I have a hunch this is actually increasing my faith. Weird, huh?

Virginia Gal said...

I love how everyone feels they know better than a person who has studied God, who has lived God. We have the same kind of hi-jinks at the Mosque.

My thinking is, be respectful in your dissent and if gets to much for you, go somewhere else, don't make it unpleasant for everyone.

Virginia Gal said...

Don't you notice religion brings the worst in some people?

David said...

Amen and amen - I agree with what you said. I highly question those church members and their understanding of the words in the Bible.

Ms. Vickie said...

Well said Ms. Brenda. I only wish I had known these two fine people
that are lost to the blog community.

Joe said...

Thank you gir for saying what I couldn't put into words!

Tiff said...

Girl you spoke some truth there! It is sad that even Church these days ends up oh so often being "politically correct". Sad, really sad!

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