Thursday, February 23, 2006

Betcha surprised ain'tcha?

Two posts in one day when I've barely had time to post one in two or three days lately.

Today's been sorta kinda busy but I didn't get much done that I'd planned since I had a day off and all. Actually, I didn't get anything done that I'd planned but whatthehell, it'll still be there needin doing when I get around to it.

Jami felt that Meri Kate and Abby were doing better so I ended up taking Zach to see the doc. I'd been putting off going for myself so I made it a family thing and made an appt. for myself for the same time, but the cheapskate didn't give me a discount for the 2fer. I only had to see him so I could get refills for my drugs but I whined a little bit about having to pay him $60 bucks to ask for danged refills so he gave me a couple months of freebies of the most expensive prescription. I think he just wants to keep me alive until I pay for another of those damned exam rooms of his.

Zach has one of the bugs that have been floating around these parts and hopefully he'll be able to return to school tomorrow because they're taking some sort of benchmark test.

On the way home we had a typical Zach and Nanaw conversation,

Zach: Nanaw, why does the truck go thunk-a, thunk-a, thunk-a, when we drive down this road?

Nanaw: We're driving over the little cracks in the highway where the highway department filled them in with tar to repair them.

Zach: Oh, I thought the cracks were from an earthquake or something. Has there been an earthquake here?

Nanaw: Yep, there were some really big ones in the north part of Arkansas in 1811 and 1812 that tore stuff up down here too. (Nanaw, trying to give him some concept of how long ago) That was nearly 200 years ago.

Zach: Wow, did you live here then?

Nanaw: Do I look 200 years old?

Kids really know how to make you feel good about yourself.

After that we had a conversation about the Dust Bowl that happened in the 1930's in some states and I was waiting for him to ask if I remembered that little diaster, but he didn't.

After we spent over an hour in the doctor's office where Zach got a shot for his troubles (if we'd had the earthquake conversation BEFORE the visit I'd have ask them to use a much bigger needle), we met Jillian, Alexis, and Jerri for lunch then they followed us home to visit for the afternoon.

Jerri told me a new Alexis story. She had Jillian in the bathtub and she was fussy so Jerri asked her what her malfunction was, so Alexis also asked her what her malfunction was, only with a little different pronunciation. Jerri said that Alexis isn't quite ready for that word yet.

Ok, Nanaw's outta here now, ya'll have a great evening and a grand weekend!


cas said...

I just love kids. Sometimes they think you're not old, and sometimes they wondered if you were on the Ark!.

Sounds like a nice day - all but the shot.

D said...

But you didn't answer his question, were you alive then? Boy, it's a good thing you can't reach me through these blog lines and thunk me on the head, huh?

Brent said...

Kids are around for moments of pure laughter. And I love your "dog years" sign. That is hilarious and, unfortunately, true for quite a few of us!!

Sally said...

I know you are, but just to be sure, keeping all this written stuff for the kids to read some day. I mean the stuff they say, NOT some of the stuff you say. :)

Have a great weekend, hope Zach is better.

CJ said...

That's almost as good as when my nephew used to complain about having to walk a few yards to catch the school bus and I'd say... "You ain't got nothin' to complain about, why when I was a kid I had to walk barefooted to school, up hill both ways". That would bring on howls of laughter. *chuckles*

Hope y'all find the GET WELL stick and shake it hard... have a great weekend you big sweetheart. Luv you! xoxoxoxoxo

Hoot Nannie said...

Hope the shot does the trick and makes him well! You will have to have Zach put 200 candles on your B'day cake this year. :)

Have a good week-end and try to rest up a little.

Joan said...

Ha ha.."in dog years I'm dead"...

and in horse years you are glue!!! ...ahem, so I am.

Special K said...

Malfu-- , OK, now I get it. ;)

Joe said...

LOL! You have a good one too girl!

David said...

Have they tired you out? No post since thursday. Hope everyone is better.

wanda said...

"In dog years I'm dead"

My gawd Brenda, what a way to start my blogging day!!

There are days I wouldn't dare ask someone "do I LOOK 200 years old". I'd be afraid the answer would be, "on your good days you do...".

Phyllis said...

Cute conversation!!
I call my doctor's office on the phone to ask for refills, and he gives them. I only need to see him if I'm sick or for my yearly physical.