Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Want to be a SuperHero

Super Nanaw, that would be a fine calling, dontcha think? I'd want to be a superhero who saved the world from those who would ruin it with their lack of manners, their inability to tell the simple truth, and those who insist on letting their pants slide down to mid-butt cheek.I would proudly go about doing my superhero job of confiscating cell phones and fining people who insisted on texting, or talking during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or while in meetings, or in class rooms, or even, for crappy's sake, in the toilet. I'd find a corner for every child caught not replying to their elders with respect, and I'd insisit that everyone at the dinner table mind their manners.

I would find great joy in monitoring what came out of the mouths of our politicians, our newspapers, and news networks. There would be an automatic overnight in jail with BIG Bubba,,,or Bubbette, for those caught lying or misrepresenting the facts to the American public. Longer sentences would be handed out to those more deserving.

As for those butt-cheek bearers? I'd spend a portion of each day swooping down on the offenders to snatch those pants right on down to their ankles. Maybe if enough folks pointed and laughed at those bare assets, they'd buy britches that fit and wear their belts where they belonged!

Who started that trend anyway? Are they brain damaged?

I can't think of anymore wrongs to be righted today but I'm sure more will come to me soon. Y'all have a nice day now, ya hear?


Donna said...

Hahahaa....SO True! Don't know WHO started it but I'd Sure like to know!!
You Go Girl!

SOUL said...

that's so great -- bwa hahahahaha.. super-nanaw :))
and big bubba? (and bubette? even better) you do realize that soulman has an alter ego? BUBBA! haha.
i sometimes call his truck, the bubba mobile.
so yeh, got a good chuckle there.

where have you been around here the last couple days btw? soulkid has sprouted quite the TUDE lately. looks like i need to call 911- super-nanaw.
get out here STAT ! :))

it's good to see you gettin your fire back -- up - up- and away woman :))

Donna said...

I could have used you in the grocery store about an hour ago!

bermudabluez said...

And I have absolutely no doubt that you would be a GREAT SuperHero Nanaw!!

Virginia Gal said...

Hilarious! If I could have just one super power it would be to fly!

Jeanette said...

LOL We could use a superhero like you! I can't tell you how many times I have been tempted to just pull their pants right down!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fine callin' !

Maybe some of the lads are convinced that their callipygian butt cheeks should be shared with the public!