Thursday, May 07, 2009

No Excuse

Old Man river is overtaking his banks again.

All this rain we've been having around here has made me sleepy, so that's what I've been doing, a lot, sleeping. The sun finally came out in the afternoon yesterday, and it's been nice today; it would be nice if it stayed that way for awhile.

As if it's not bad enough that everything is totally saturated, all the rain has also caused all the creeks and rivers to rise. So now, every drop of water that comes pouring down will be very slow to drain away; there's nowhere for it to go. I crossed over a drainage ditch just outside of Lexa where the water is right under the bridge and the fields on both sides are covered in water the ditch will no longer hold. I noticed a backhoe crew working near the bridge so I hope they are keeping a close eye on it.

Zach was finally able to return to school on Monday. That child lost about 5 lbs the 4 days he was home sick with that stomach bug. He's got his appetite back now so he'll be gaining that back again in no time.

That's about all the news around these parts for now,,, well,,,except for Beans giving the baby kittens a hair cut to "cool the kitties cause dem was hot",,, but we won't go in depth about that right now, she doesn't like to talk about it.


Joanna Jenkins said...

A kitty haircut?!?!? Is that like when my sister cut my bangs 1/4 inch from my scalp when I was 3 years old? You gotta post pics!
Stay dry!

Jeanette said...

I'm glad Zach is feeling better. Oh poor kittie. Beans must have got into a little trouble with that one! Probably why she doesn't want to talk about it!

Donna said...

Another funny Beans story, ROFL! You have GOT to compile a Beans book!

I know that you are soggy beyond all git-out in your part of the country. We're getting drenched too. Geez!

kimberly said...

lol.....oh that beans!!! i can only imagine.
i would love a little rain down this way, supposed to be 104 degrees today....wayyyy tooo early! but we will survive and this too shall about 7 months! :)
hugs and stay dry!

joan said...

Beans is so funny. We've been having alot of rain also. Hope you have a great weekend!

Sally said...

So, Beans isn't spillin' the beans on this one? hahahahaha I LOVE that child to pieces!!!!

SO glad that Zach is better, poor little guy, that was some rough stuff.

Goodness, y'all have really had it with the rain, and we are still parched. I hope it lets up soon for you Ms. Brenda.

Have a good weekend!

Donna said...

Hahahahahaha....OMWord Girl! A hair cut....well, bless her heart! She was only trying to help! When I was 5 I had Very long hair...up in a pony tail...I wanted the rubber band out so I got the kitchen shears and cut my pony tail...completely off...Hahaaa...Mother Was Not Happy!! Happy night sweetie!hughugs

Cindra said...

Everybody is having lots of rain it seems. Our farmers can't get the crops in because of it.

Hope Zach is feeling better now.

Debbie said...

Yes. Rain. I rode the mower through a swath of stinkin mud/grass/water.
Soon they'll be talkin drought. You just wait.

Sally said...

Happy Mother's Day, Ms. Brenda! (hugs)