Thursday, May 28, 2009

Graduating Classes of 2015 and 2021

This is just a few of the graduating 6th graders (I think there were 56). They looked so grown up and were minding their manners through it all.

This is only a few of Alexis' (aka the Chick) kindergarten graduating class. They all showed their best sides and really put on some great performances for us.

Alexis accepting her diploma.

Zachary accepting his diploma. (thank the heavens!)

I'm wondering if I'll still be alive to see these younguns graduate from high school. I've spent at least a couple of hours over the past two days sitting on the most uncomfortable bleachers in the world, and several hours in the truck going here and yonder for one reason or another. My butt is tired. But,,,,SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!!!!!!!

Exceptin' for the June Gear Up program, and Tae Kwon Do, we're near 'bout free!


joan said...

Oh my, the class of 2015 and 2021, that'll make a person feel old. LOL Congrats to everyone and hope they all have a wonderful Summer. I should figure out my grandbabies years to graduate, now that will really make me feel old......LOL Have a goodone Brenda!

Sally said...

Awww, look at those sweet youngun's!! I can't believe how much they've grown since I "met them". I know you're proud!! :)

Butterfly Gardener said...

Congrats to your younguns for graduating! We didn't have graduation for kindergarten or jr high when I was in school - oh well.
Have FUN this summer!!!
PS Thanks for the nice comment on my header.

jazzi said...

Woohoo! Congrats to the Grads!
Ours get an extra week since they were out for the big storm.

Just Joni said...

Treasure these monumental moments, soon enough it will be high school...maybe the bleachers will have cushions by then.

Congratulations to the Graduates ~ good to see our future looking so promising.

Donna said...

Congratulations to you ALL!!! Everyone looks SO ready to be out of there!Hahaa
You're the Best "Mom" I know Mix Brenda...they'll remember.

Jeanne said...

eeekks that does make a person pause thinking that far out but it's really not. And 'stomping foot' don't you be having thoughts like 'will I be around?'! Course you will! We'll be looking at those pictures here and sighing over them too. {{HUGS}}

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Awww don't they all look so sweet and innocent! Heee

It's summer time, yay!

Cindra said...

don't they both look wonderful? I like those uniforms... so crisp and clean looking! One more week here then we're out! Enjoy your summer!