Thursday, February 19, 2009


My mind is busy, busy, but it skips around like a scratched record on the wrong speed setting.

I work on a tax return,

I have to make a phone call to get more information,

I get busy with the return again,

I jump up to put a load of laundry in to wash,

Forget to start the dryer; I also threw a load in there,

The phone rings; I have to find it,

Oh yeah, I was working on that return,

Think about my back brace for the hundredth time;
don't know where it is and I need to find it,

I go looking for the brace, I notice 2 blankets are in need of a wash,

Where did I put that thing?

Put blankets in laundry basket to wash in next load,

The sink is full of dishes; I've started in there twice to get those done,

I still haven't finished the tax return, need even MORE information,

I'm getting nowhere fast around here!


Just Joni said...

I have to giggle (sorry) because you have just described my mode of operation...there's just so MUCH to do! Keep at it, you'll get there!

Loretta said...

I know the feeling. I've been so busy today I haven't had time to take a full breath. I'm working on our tax return and runing parts for hubby. He has throwed all his paperwork together and I have to make since out of it! Happens every year, no matter how much I gripe at

Donna said...

You need a vacation to Texas...You have a disease called "TexasINeedaMitus"'s coffee, old housecoats and lots of laughs...yeppers...that's the cure...(((HUG)))

kimberly said... just described the way i do things too....but it hasn't always been that way.....hmmmm....started in the last few years and i thought it was just ME! glad i have company!

Donna said...

Welcome to middle-aged befuddlement! LOL.

Cindra said...

Hmmmmm, you are much more organized then I am.. does that make you feel better? Oh, and look for the back brace in the hall closet. I think I saw the kids playing with it... what does a back brace look like?

Butterfly Gardener said...

Love the picture! I know the feeling! Its even worse when you stop what you are doing to answer the phone to some recording telling you your vehicle warranty has expired (or any other solicitor). If I ever have time to stay on the line I'm gonna ask if they will sign my husbands '72 model truck up for extended warranty!lol

Sally said...

Goodness gracious, woman. I'll be so glad when you get a break! If you can't make it to Texas, come to FL anytime!! ((HUGS))

Virginia Gal said...

That frenzied feeling we have been there, don't worry girl, hang in there, you will make it through!

Annie said...

mmm...yep...know that feeling!

Brenda I have used the photo of the camera off your sidebar to put on my sidebar for the Brenda Photo Challenge icon...hope that is OK?

Please let me know if it isn't!


cassie-b said...

Breath deeply.

I hope you found that brace.

Cal said...

Sounds like you need a nice, relaxing break!

Kellan said...

I have been meaning to start on our taxes for 2 weeks - ugh!

Have a great weekend, Brenda - see you soon - Kellan

Louise said...

This is my life every day. Except that the taxes usually don't start until AFTER April 15!