Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day Is Done

And I'm danged glad of it! I finally got that farmer's books set up, got 2008 posted, and did his tax return. I've got a couple more returns in the stack to do tomorrow and then I'll be caught up for a day or so. Financial reports and 2009 postings can wait until I get a couple of naps in.

My brain is fried.

My butt is numb.

My house is a wreck.


I had this text message from Jerri last night:

"Guess who said it!"
"U know who da president is Momma?"
"Really?, ur so smart!"
"I not like him."
(I sat and braced myself before asking)
She said, "cause, silly, hims a boy! I not like em!"


Just Joni said...

Don't you just love text messaging? It really keeps me in the loop with my kids in between real conversations...

Get some rest Miz Brenda...the house can wait, the brain and the butt, well...they'll appreciate any activity that isn't so taxing...sorry, I couldn't resist.

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

Go rest Lord knows you deserve it!!

Rhonda said...

I am glad that you are done. I did MY Taxes myself this year. I am tired of paying someone to do my taxes when I can do them myself. The Great thing about it was I got to do it for FREE! Try not to get to buried by all those papers Mrs. Brenda.

bermudabluez said...

How cute is that....the kids are texting you?? Great way to keep in touch! And you deserve a nap now....go forth and NAP! I love naps.

Sally said...

Hope you got a good nights rest, Ms Brenda. You sure have been busy.

My butt is numb also, but not from work, just being lazy and reading. :)

Donna said...

Gads Girl!! Hope you got some rest last night!
And tell Sweetie Pie not to worry...Palin's on her way!!!Hahaaa...Happy Day sweetie!hughugs