Saturday, November 29, 2008


I'm so tired
I'm so sore
I ain't 'a gonna do it
for a dime no more!

This is how much Zach and I got finished today; the tree is up and most of the ornaments are on. Jerri will come and put the ribbon on later so that it'll look more like it did last year (the second picture).

See? She had it all dolled up in the picture below. I'm not very handy with ribbon,,,nope, not a'tall.

Anyway, I was already aching all over from the catastrophe that happened in my closet on Wednesday night, so crawling all over the floor again today to put the tree up has just about done me in. I only have one place in the house where I can fit a tree and I do believe it gets smaller every year!

Oh, about that closet thing. We were all going about our normal routine Wednesday evening and suddenly there was a loud bang and crashing noise. It almost scared Zach to death and all he could do was stand in the middle of the living room saying, "It wasn't me! I didn't do anything." I thought that maybe the neighbor's St. Bernard had gotten scared again and had decided to break through the lattice beneath the deck in order to get under the house. (She's done that before). So James went outside with his flashlight and looked around; nothing seemed to have fallen or be broken out there. I couldn't imagine what it could have been until I walked into my closet. Some of the brackets for the rails/shelves had broken and over half of the clothes in there were on the floor and the stuff that had been on the shelf scattered all over.

We decided to just leave it until Friday because Zach and I would be gone all day Thursday. When Friday arrived I almost wanted to cry just thinking about starting to move all of the clothes out so James could do the repairs. It took most of the day to move the stuff in and out and vacuum. But it's done now, thank goodness.

I have a few more Christmas things to put out and I reckon it would be a good idea if I started wrapping some presents.

We had a good time at Bubbie and Jerri's on Thursday. There was lots of good food and we had a good time playing Mad Gab for awhile after dinner. The kids were doing a lot of pouting (because we made them play outside; it was a beautiful day!) and were scattered here and there, so I only got a couple of quick snaps of them. Trish is supposed to come by tomorrow before she goes back home so I hope to be able to take a few pictures of Jordan and Jaylen before they leave.


joan said...

Your tree looks so pretty Brenda. Just seen Donna's photos of her tree too and it looked wonderful also. I need to figure out how to get a good photo of my tree and how to stop my cat from drinking all the water from under it. Hope you got your closet back in shape.

Debbie said...

Brenda, such a beautiful tree, but you be careful and don't overdo it! I'm glad you weren't IN the closet digging for a shoe when the collapse happened. Gosh!

I'm not sure if I'm putting up a tree. Still deciding. It's just me here. Sigh.

Cal said...

The tree looks lovely. Like the new layout here too.

Jeanette said...

Your tree is so pretty. My tree is up but there are no ornaments on it yet!

cassie-b said...

The tree looks great! And the ribbon will just finish it off.

I guess that's one way to clean a closet.

Donna said...

OH!!! Now SEE??? That's what I mean! Last years was Gorgeous and This years is tooooo!!!! Well worth the work Sweetie!! I Love the white tree!!
I Know how tired you must be from the closet fiasco!! Thank Heavens that was All it was!! Happy night sweetie!!hughugs

PEA said...

Your tree looks mom has a white tree which she's always preferred:-) I'm like you, I'm not good at putting ribbon in a tree...Jerri does a beautiful job of it!!

Oh dear, would you believe the exact same thing happened to me in one of my closets a few years back...the railing broke and everything came down. I guess it was telling me I had too much stuff in there! lol

Glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving...any turkey leftovers I can have?? hehe xoxo

Cindra said...

the tree is already very pretty. You two really have been working hard. You deserve a rest!

bermudabluez said...

It's alot of work puttin' up all these decorations isn't it?? I myself fell into bed absolutely exhausted about 9pm last night after spending the entire day unpacking boxes and decorating the house. The tree will have to wait for next weekend. Your tree looks absolutely beautiful! And your daughter really does have talent to make the ribbon look so perfect! Great job!

Native Pride said...

What a pretty tree. I think the only way I'll have one is if someone else does it. My arthritis is so bad I can't hold anything.

Sharon Ellery said...

What a lovely tree. Looks so pretty and festive. I have everything else up except for the tree - have to find time this weekend.

You wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry about the wardrobe. We once had my B.I.L. helping with some wiring in our ceiling. I heard this huge crash and ran down the hall, where I noticed a foot and leg hanging out of my ceiling. Peter had slipped and fallen through the ceiling and scrapped his shin. I had hysterics - couldn't stop laughing. Yes, he ruined the ceiling but it looked so funny. Sometimes you have to see the funny side.


Louise said...

Oh, that closet thing sounds horrible.

We were gone last weekend, so have no holiday decorations up yet. Not sure when that will happen. Your tree is gorgeous!

Donna said...

I'm so sorry for your closet adventure! At least no one got hurt!

Your tree looks positively STUNNING! Makes me want to spontaneously sing a carol. How about Joy to the World?!