Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nanaw Goes to School and Stuff

First I went to Language Arts and Reading class where I learned what Expository Writing was. I need to read up a little more on that so I can be the chief editor for Zach when he has to begin writing a Expository type paper.

I had to duck out of this class for a few minutes to make a trip to the bathroom whereupon I immediately got lost and ended up in the boys restroom. I realized my mistake when I first went in and came upon the urinals, but I can't be held responsible for this error due to the fact that they must think an awful lot of rowdiness goes on in those restrooms because the doors were propped open; I couldn't see the sign on the door. I finally found the girls restroom, went in, sat, and then realized there was no toilet paper in the stall. So, I drip-dried for a few, then pulled my pants up and moved over a different stall to try to dry, my then damp, drawers.

Next it was time to go to Math where I watched them draw different kinds of charts and graphs using information such as July - Dec. temperatures in Orlando, FL over a 3 year span. What I learned in that class was that 2004 was the best Fall, temperature-wise, in Orlando (but that's just my opinion).

Then it was time for lunch. Zach would not allow me to sit with him in the cafeteria, I had to sit across and down the table from him near two lads and a young lady who were glad to keep me entertained while I tried to tackle a salad with a plastic fork. They stayed their allotted time, then left me there struggling to stab my carrots and cucumbers while they went to run wild and free on the playground for a short time.

After lunch was Social Studies where I didn't learn an awful lot because they did some work in their workbooks and then had to leave for 45 minutes to go to P.E. I was able to talk to the teacher during that time though, so it wasn't a total waste of brain cells. After the class returned from P.E., they prepared to take a test on their progression in that class. I decided that I didn't remember enough from the last few weeks of helping with homework to take the test so I chose that time to quietly slip out and go home.

I figured I had embarrassed the child enough for one day, and,,,

I really, really, needed a cup of coffee and a nap.

Shortly after I arrived home Jerri called to tell me that Beans had her first preschool assessment today. I'm not quite sure what all an assessment of a 3 yr old involves, but they told her she scored exceptionally high on it. The preschool teacher told Jerri that the first question was, "What is your name." Beans told her, "My name is Jillian M. but my momma calls me Beans, so you better write that down." The teacher then told Jerri she had to cover her face to keep from laughing out loud.

Notice I used transitional words to begin most of my paragraphs. :-)


Jeanette said...

Sounds like a interesting day you had at school. Good use of transitional words!

Donna said...

...Well, Shortly After I read this...I had to laugh Out Loud!!Hahaaa....You're a Hoot!
Miz Beans will go FAR and...Zach!! What can I tell you...My William won't hold my hand at school anymore...hahaa...hughugs

Mary Lou said...

So did you embarrass him sufficiently enough to get him to do his homework and turn it in?

uh....what are transitional words? been too long since I was in fifth grade...CRAP It's been 55 YEARS!!!!

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

I don't even know what a transitional word is, so you got me on that! :D

And how cute is Beans?! Awwwww

Cindra said...

You are too funny! Now you see what my day is like!

Brenda said...

Ha! They didn't have transitional words when we were in school Miz Mary lou. :-)

Kellan said...

You are so funny - that last line made me laugh outloud! It's not wonder Bean is such a hoot - she comes by it honestly - tee hee!

Have a good evening, Kellan

Karen M said...

I would agree that Beans is a lot like her Nanaw!

It does sound like an interesting day. I do hope the embarrassment factor is a successful motivator. And so glad you can practice your transitional words.

cassie-b said...

Going to school - what a great "parent" you are. I hope your trip was beneficial. At least in your quest to eat salad with a plastic fork!

And that Jillian is such a character!


Anonymous said...

Well, if that didn't work for Zack, I have some other ideas. Beans is so funny. Reminds me of Bubbie when he was small, doesn't it you? Love and miss you.

Have a Happy Turkey Day....Turkey!!!!!lol


Maria said...

Oh what a day at school! I read it with interest and with a smile!
And this is typical: for children they have plastic forks and no toilet paper. That's not nice.
You are a great grandma. You want so much to support your kids!

I'd also want to know about the transitional words. Verbs that change when conjugated???

joan said...

Sounds like a fun day at school! Now why wouldn't Zach let you eat lunch with him? LOL I think I would totally flunk out of school these days. Too many menopause brain dead days going on for me. I think Beans sounds like my kind of girl, she tells it like it is. Cute!

Jeanne said...

You are so cool Miz Brenda. What a wonderful Nanaw you are. Love the potty story hehe.
RYC: We agree on so much. I try to keep 'controversial' subjects out of my blog but some things are too important not to speak up about.

Louise said...

I'm thinking that day at school would make me need some caffeine as well!

That Beans is too much!

What a fun post!

Sally said...

Oh, I love this! NaNaw went to school, how great that is. You're a funny, funny lady and a wonderful granny. I went to school also, but I didn't learn quite as much. hahaha Beans just kills me. She's such a hoot. I'd love to get she and Hunter together!!