Saturday, November 08, 2008

I'd Really, Really, Rather Be on a Hot Tropical Island Somewhere

Instead I'm sitting here, landlocked, in Arkansas with an 11 yr old boy who's in some deep dodo with his Nanaw and his Math and Spelling teacher.

He was selected by his homeroom teacher to be Student of the Month for October. Great news, isn't it? I was elated for him; ready to do backflips except for the possibility of having to have a crane service come pick me up afterwards. ,,, Then I checked his grades. Since October 30th, he's managed to lose the the two A's he had (one all the way down to a D), and drop down to D's in a couple of his previous B classes. So he was already in hot water around here.

On Friday I got a call from the elementary councilor. It seems that Mr. Zach didn't do his homework on Wednesday night or Thursday night. It also seems that this same young man, talked one of his friends into allowing him to copy his Wednesday night homework so that he wouldn't get into trouble for not doing it. Someone told on them and they both got in trouble. Zach had a note to bring home for me to sign, and was to miss lunch recess for 3 days.

Do you think he learned the lesson he should have from this? You'd think, huh?

Not this child. He decided that getting in trouble at school was punishment enough, so he signed the note with my initials then took it back. He also decided not to do his homework for Thursday night for the two classes taught by the teacher he was in trouble with. (I'm still trying to figure out if he thought this was going to punish her in some way. What's the deal??)

So, on Friday I get the call, and in addition to the punishment for his first educational crime, he got a paddling from the principal for forging my initials. Which I think is far easier to deal with than my punishment; I've made him redo all of the Math homework for last week, and tomorrow he's to do 3 pages of review problems that cover the chapter that he's having a test on Tuesday. He also has to complete all of next weeks assignments in Spelling instead of waiting until next week to do them.

I love him more than life, but I sure don't like him very much right now.

So, I'm just beginning to calm myself down a bit today; I was just busy trying to keep Zach seated long enough to do all of that work, when in walks my Uncle Tommy. About 2 minutes after we hug and ask how everyone's doing he mentions that he needs to take a trip down to Fort Walton Beach, FL around Thanksgiving to check on another uncle who's been ill for years, and who he has not been able to reach through his family. About a minute after this announcement he mentions how hard those long drives are on him. (he's in his early 80's so heck yeah they're hard on him, they're hard on me!).

After we'd talked a little more about what was going on with my Florida uncle, I told him if he could wait until the day after Thanksgiving and come back that Sunday or Monday, I'd go with him to help with the drive down and back.

So now, it's wait and see time cause he'll have to check with all the sick uncles here to see if someone will be around to help out with them if he leaves during that time. I'm not looking forward to the trip because I have a strong suspicion that we'll have to get confrontational with Florida Uncle's family down there about their not answering their phones when his Arkansas family calls.

Ok, that's it from me today. I hope everyone's having a much happier weekend than it's been so far around here.


Donna said...

Something has gotten into that youngster! Good gracious! I'll be praying that you have the patience needed to get that fella to settle down and own up to his responsibilities. If he doesn't like all that he has to do now, he's in for a rude awakening later on in life, LOL!

Now take three deep breaths... and Monday will be here before you know it.

Sally said...

Mercy, Ms. Brenda! That's my prayer for you - you do have more patience than a lot of us would, though, and thank God for that. Zach is just trying you now, and his teachers it seems; you'll get it straightened out, I know you will. I hope you do go to Ft. Walton, it might be good for you to get away for a while even though the situation doesn't sound real good. ((HUGS))

cassie-b said...

Zach doesn't know it, and probably wouldn't believe it at this moment, but he's very lucky to have you.

chin up!

Donna said...

I leave you alone for 2 days and see what trouble you've created???LOL...Alright now! Head up, chin out...We can DO this! Just go back to what you were doing BEFORE the A's...and never let up! My son, Jim, was just like Zach in school! Super smart but lazy...and no common sense could be found! I was constantly on patrol but we made it! Graduated HS..A's & B's (skipped classes several times that I didn't catch him)...I felt like I should have earned a degree in SOMETHING!!LOL...It's 'gonna be Fine!! Know you can do this!!
Hope the trip is productive!! You sound like me!hahaaaa...(((HUG)))

Cal said...

Hope your week gets better!

jazzi said...

For a boy who doesn't seem to like tests, he sure does like testing his Nanaw.
Florida is an awful looong trip to make in just a weekend, isn't it?

Loretta said...

Sure is never rains but it pours. My 8 year old grandson wants to play in class, just doesn't understand why he can't!

Donna said...

I updated my post...'cause Santa said to...just for You!!!LOL

Brent said...

My 14 year-old, Tanner, finally raised two of his grades from F's to C-'s. And that was only when I sat down with him and gave him a verbal lashing that I'm sure left marks. I'm so frustrated!! This kid just hates school. I'm at my wit's end!!

Cindra said...

Darn, and he was doing so well! They can still paddle in school down there? That would be cause for lawsuit up here... hope Zach doesn't' read these.

Deep, deep breaths. You will get through this.

Kellan said...

I know about 11 year old boys - ugh! I hope he gets back on track and everythingf works out! Boys!

Have a good week, Brenda - see you soon - Kellan

Louise said...

Holy. Cow.

My life is busy. My life is stressful. My life is extra stressful because of people that don't do their jobs/don't think about how what they are doing affects others, BUT... most of those people are not my family. They are just people in the world I deal with.

I. cannot. imagine. how much worse all this is when it's coming from your family--people you love often more than life itself. You care what happens to these people, and you just get more and more piled on.

I would say I hope it all turns out OK, but it probably won't. You are probably right about what will happen in FL. I just hope you dig up more energy than I've got to deal with it all. You are good woman to do ALL of the things you do!

Anonymous said...

I pray that things will get better. I hate that no one down in FL will let everyone know how Uncle Gerald is. I hate that all is going like it is. It could be how Tommy and Freda act. Maybe if one of us called they would answer. Send me some numbers and I'll try to find out what I can.

Love you