Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Origins of Vittles

Folks who live in the country, or maybe it's just we southern country folk, tend to look at food a bit differently than do folks who've lived in towns and cities all their lives. Beings that I've been a country gal for most of my life it's not uncommon for me to view a photo of a cute squirrel or a bunny with more than just a smile over their cuddly cuteness. I might also, upon occasion, have visions of this critter rolled in flour, pan fried, and smothered in gravy with a side of homemade biscuits. Now before you go all postal on me and threaten me with those PETA folks, or something, take a minute to think it over and you'll see why I can see cute little fluffy, furry things as a food source. Or just continue on and I'll get to my excuse for such loathsome behavior.

Close your eyes and get an image of Daniel Boone in your mind. He might be wearing a coon skin cap (which he didn't purchase from Cabelas by the way), hand sewn boots or moccasins, smelly jacket made from some animal's hide, and probably smelly himself due to there being no hot water and soap handy back in his day, and he's carrying this big, ole rifle.

Now, can you imagine this frontiersman standing in line to pay at the local Piggly Wiggly or Safeway with a cart full of shrink wrapped venison or rabbits? You can't do it, can you? That's cause our city dwelling citizens no longer have to forage for their foodstuff and therefore have put out of mind where their food might have come from. You see, in Daniel's time, if you were gonna eat meat, someone had to first go out and shoot, or trap it, skin it or pluck it, remove the entrails and head, then wash and cook it. Most of the time all that part was done by the lady of the house since the man of the house felt the most difficult job was hunting and killing it.

I reckon there's just a tad fewer of the civilized genes floating around in country folks blood because we sometimes still have those urges to eat the same things that our pioneer ancestors did and find the need for a fine meal of squirrel, wild rabbit, quail or doves, or fresh caught fish.


Virginia Gal said...

I have always said that I have to thank the grocery men who bring me meat, because it is a task and job I could never do. I hate when people get all hypocritical about it, what do you think hunter's do?!

But I could never eat a squirrel, they are the offical mascot of my college, I'd feel like a traitor : )

jazzi said...

I always wanted the squirrel's tail to play with when I was little, because it was so soft, but they would never let me have it.
The last time I had rabbit was at a cousin's house who had a sense of humor; he made sure I got the piece with all the buckshot. The more shot I pulled out of my mouth, the more tickled he got. I have yet to figure out why!

Sally said...

You've certainly made some good points Ms. Brenda. In those days no choice was given; they had to survive. I really don't like to think of eating squirrel or rabbit; love frog legs though! :)

MissKris said...

My Dear Hubby comes from several generations of hunters and is an avid hunter himself, as is our son. Thanks to them, our freezer has been filled just about every year with venison, roast, antelope...the best meat in the world and the healthiest! When I started reading this post and you mentioned Southerners it brought back to mind my best childhood buddy's mom Vina...they were originally from Bentonville, Arkansas, and that woman could COOK!!!! Oh my! Eating at their house...which I did on a regular basis...was a little bit of heaven on earth. She used to make a pinto bean soup that was out of this world. If I still had my sense of taste I'd give just about anything to have another big bowl of that...mmmm mmmm GOOD! Happy Mother's Day a bit early but I don't think I'll be around much this weekend. Hope you have a WONDERFUL one, Brenda!

MissKris said...

Ooops...I put "roast" but I meant elk, lol! Brain fart! ;-P

Mary Lou said...

I am sooo glad i am not related to the DOnners! ;)

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