Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ok, OK, I'm awake!

Don't you just hate it when the phone wakes you from a deep, dreamless, slumber and you try to ignore it but after the 7th ring or so it's grating on your nerves so you groan and stumble from the bed to grab it, and once you find it, they've hung up? It's enough to make a saint cuss, and I ain't no saint so you know a few choice words were flying around in here this morning. It's probably a good thing too that I don't have caller ID or I'd be waiting to call them at around 6 a.m. some morning as payback. I'd be
mean and call them earlier but I'm not so spiteful that I'd wake myself up that danged early just to get back at em.

It's been a busy week down here in our south. We had an extra ball game night due to having one rained out a couple of weeks ago and of course there's been the homework evenings on top of that.

On Wednesday I had a date with the chicklets. We had a McDonald's fare picnic and I watched them jump on their jump-o-lene.

It's been a great week for critter photos too. I caught a quick one of Mr. Bobcat who's been living around our thickets here for a few years and one of sweet momma dove sitting in the Mimosa tree.


Mary Lou said...

Wow, arent Bobcats kinda mean? To live that close to the house...Id be afraid he'd take off with the hatchling!

Brent said...

We have coyotes here, and tons of doves. And it's nice to see a return of herons here, too. I love all the wildlife we get.

Phyllis said...

Wow, I hope you don't let your animals run loose! Or babies for that matter! I'm afraid I'd try to go up to the Bobcat and pet it!

Virginia Gal said...

Lord Brenda bobcats around the place? You really are in the country!

Brenda said...

Mr. Bobcat or one of his family members has lived around here for so long with no problems between us that we don't worry about him nearly as much as we do the farmers surrounding us who do much more damage. During the 15 years that I've lived in this spot, Wed. evening was only the 3rd time I've glimpsed him so you can imagine how excited I was to get that pitiful photo of him. I've seen the black bear that wanders around this area only once so have no fear of him either. Mr. Bobcat is mostly nocturnal and since the human eating mosquitos keep us indoors at night, we don't have many chances to see him.

Anonymous said...

Love the shot of the dove. My niece has a pet bobcat. He is good to her but sure doesn't like visitors. Don't beleive a pet bobcat would be to my liking.

cassie-b said...

If that phone call woke me up, I'd do a *69 and call the culprit back.

Great pictures.