Monday, May 08, 2006

Just Stuff

My back is telling me that I bit off more than it could handle so far today so I'm taking a little break before getting back to tormenting it a bit more. I also have to get in the right frame of mind before 3:40 p.m. which is when the school bus rumbles into the driveway and deposits Zach with his back-pack full of homework. James told me the other day, by the time this child graduates from high school, I'm going to be the smartest Nanaw in the state,, maybe in the whole country!

I wonder if they give monetary prizes for that?

I started the day by going to town because I was nearly out of cigarettes, gas, and toilet paper. I made it home with 5 bags of groceries, including the cigarettes, and toilet paper. I hope I have enough gas to make it to the ball game tomorrow night. I think I will if I don't forget to stop to buy it while I'm in that direction, again.

Anyway, I loaded the bags in the truck and unloaded them at home and as I was climbing those 3 porch steps, with all 5 bags (cause I hate making a bunch of trips)I felt/heard this crunch noise in my back and a sharp little pain. It only lasted a nano second so after putting away all that stuff I decided that today was the day to move the computer, printer, and scanner over to the new desk that's been sitting and waiting in my little office since some time in March. I've also done a couple of loads of laundry.

Damn, I feel constructive today.

The back has stiffened up in definate protest now but so far is not paining me so much. I reckon it's just waiting until I try to get out of the bed in the morning and then it'll kick my ass.

I might mention that this office still looks like an atomic weapon exploded in here. Where did all this stuff come from?


Translated, "TAGANAI" means "Moon Holder", and comes from a range of mountains which separate Russia from Siberia. After years of searching, Dreamcast Entertainment has brought the best acts from all over Russia to the United States for the first time to perform this perfect mixture of circus and theatre.

The shows true magic comes alive with it's mysterious acts and elaborate costumes all accompanied by a beautiful original musical score. TAGANAI's constantly unfolding story will make this the fastest 80 minutes you have ever spent in a theater.

I finally remembered to reserve tickets to take Zach to see this show over at the Gold Strike Casino on the 28th. I saw a preview of the show on one of the Memphis morning news programs and decided that this would be a great beginning of summer treat for Zach and myself. With gas prices as they are, it may be the only treat we have this summer!


Phyllis said...

Your prize for being the greatest nanaw is Zach himself and the loving memories he will have for you for the rest of his life!
Just think of the kids that don't have people like you in their lives. You get the biggest gold star in my books!!

Andie Pandie said...

Gas prices are crazy. I realize we have a little car but when it costs $30 to fill it up, somethings wrong.

Hope you back feels better! Do you have a heating pad?

Virginia Gal said...

Goodness I hope your back gets better or feels better. My father swears by Ben-gay, if that helps.

Cal said...

Hope your back feels better soon.

Mary Lou said...

I sooo feel your pain! Oh no, that is MY back that I feel!! Still from last weeks lawn mower dance! I get up three times a night and slather mineral ice on it! Hope yours gets better really soon!!

(I thought you QUIT smoking!!>:( )

Leslie said...

Uh-oh. Back crunches are never good.

It seems I can't even head to the store for three things without a list lately. I'm always forgetting something and hate having to fight traffic to get back and get it.

That show sounds so cool, Brenda. What a nice thing to look forward to.

Take 'er easy on the back, eh?

Sally said...

I echo Phyllis here, Ms. Brenda. I wish all the little Zachs in the world had a NaNaw such as yourself!
Hope your back is better by now.

Holly said...

i'm dying for some summer fun. 4th of July weekend we're going to Gatlinburg for some fun. Fortunately my mom and stepdad are footing the lodging bill and we're not too far from gatlinburg here. But I am afraid of how much this trip is going to cost us, still.

I'd like to do so much more with my kids. I feel bad that they can't travel like I did when I was a kid. Fortunately my mom and stepdad take them with them at least once a year to someplace fun.

we're going to destin in october. i can hardly wait for that. damn i love the beach.

Dan said...

Sorry to hear about that. DAMN girl!!! You need to start taking better care of YOURSELF!!! I'm good at fixing back pain....

Joe said...

Hey girl, maybe the weather! My back started up playing golf Monday and cutting hedges yester day did me in! take care girl you have all summer to work in that office :-)