Sunday, August 12, 2012

Arkansas August

We have seen several of these fellas in the yard this year but so far no harmful ones. Maybe the bad ones are searching for a cool wet spot which are few and far between around here this summer.

This critter (shiver,,,) wasn't very big but in macro mode he looks horribly gigantic, doesn't he?

This young fella was really doing some singing the other evening.  I'm sure he had a young lady friend that he was trying to impress somewhere within his sight.  Or maybe he was just happy enough to sing.

I can't remember the last time we've had such a drought. The few rain drops that we've gotten this Summer have done little or nothing to quench the thirst of the gardens and crops.  Luckily most of the farmers have ways of irrigating but it sure takes a lot of their budget to do that.

I hope things are cooler and not so dry where you are!

Later gators.


Jeanne Pursell said...

I don't like the snakes and the is VERY hot and VERY dry here Brenda! They keep saying storms...and rain...but so far we have had nothing. Sure do hope we get some soon!!! The prices of groceries are going crazy!!!!

Donna said...

Cool shots Brenda!! That's some Spider shot! You're brave to get that close...I'm always afraid they'll hop!!Hahaaaa
No rain here either!

Sally said...

I hate that you guys haven't had rain when we've had so much.

Love the photo's!


Paxie said...

I love that you are here :) Dislike the spider and the snake! Especially the spider!

I'm looking at getting a new camera. Well, actually not new. A camera. All I have is my phone. May be my new hobby, as I have none LOL

I need a Photography 101 class or a "for dummies" book hahahaha

Love your header shot :)

Crystal said...

Love the shots! So wish I could find a lil snake like that! Just once! Tim is petrified of snakes and i'm just a mean wife with an evil grin and a mischevious idea, lol!

Attila the Mom said...

Love the pics. Except the spider. I feel crawly just looking at it! LOL

Donna said...

Love seeing all the critter photos! All spiders give me the shivers too, LOL. It's been a wet summer in east TN, and we're thankful for that. I can't wait until we get some cooler temperatures though!

Sorry that I've missed the last couple of photo challenges. My summer schedule has been a mess with two trips. I hope to catch the next one you have!

WR said...

Oh dear...I really like that photos of little garden snake.

IT is very hot and dry here as well. We have had two very short showers since the beginning of June but the lightening that accompanied the tiny amount of rain was a worry.

Hope you are finding shade and a/c. Autumn in around the courner!

Sally said...

I just love lookin' out your kitchen window. Hope you don't mind. :)