Saturday, August 11, 2012

Photo Challenge: B & W Self-portraits

This is probably not the most favorable time in my life to be taking pictures of myself but it seemed like a good idea for a challenge so I went with it.  I hope everyone who decided to do the challenge this time had a good time doing and and learning from it. There is still time until mid-night Saturday night (Aug. 11th), so if you haven't signed up, go on over to our Challenge Blog  and feel free to. We would love it!

This is me. This is something I love to do. I never go anywhere without a camera, I might miss THE shot!

This is how I'm working very hard to be.  I want to feel happy.
I am missing part of me,,,,,
I feel as though the best part of me is gone.


Sue said...

Brenda, these are nice shots that relate much about you. I think this was a good challenge for you too. I think you look great in the one with the sunglasses, you must aim on being like that, I am sure it's difficult but not impossible.

Sally said...

You are precious, Ms Brenda, to all of us. Please remember that.


Out on the prairie said...

very nice Brenda, I love the tones and ideas evoked

Paxie said...

I think you are doing the best that you can Miz Brenda and I love these shots. I'd have to know PhotoShop to even dare do this challenge LOL

You are getting there!!

Barbara said...

This is a great series - love the way it reveals different aspects of you.

Annie said...

Love your self portraits Brenda.
I know this is a difficult time for you
but be assured that life does get better
from one who has been through it

Donna said...

Now see there??? YOU have SO much Courage! Me? Nope!!Hahaaa!!!
Love how you edited these...especially the last one...They really tell your story!
Know that you are loved sweet friend!!

Jeanette said...

Oh Brenda Great post but sad, too! I feel for you and hope time continues to heal your wounds.

Crystal said...

Aw, hugs Mz Brenda. We love you!!!

MarissaDW said...

Brenda...I love all your photos and the caption. God bless you!

Donna said...

These are beautiful and YOU are beautiful! I am praying that God brings you joy and contentment. {{{{hugs}}}}

WR said...


Sorry this is late...I've been engulfed with change. Wanted you to know how tender it is that you are still doing the thing you love - photography while wandering through that sad place we so simply label "grief". Everyone has their own time. The heart and soul do mend. What a precious a gift to have had someone you loved so much! One day you will feel whole...because you lived a life with a person whom you truly loved. The black and white served you well here. Thank you so much for sharing and continuing to take those wonderful photos!