Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I've been Practicing....

I'm on the back side of 50 now so I've been getting in some practice at being a grumpy, old, lady with some of these folks that we purchase services from.

First on my shit list is Direct TV. Three calls in 4 days about a screen that was going blank off and on, and I finally made them understand that I'd done all their tests and they'd best send someone to fix whatever was wrong or I was going to change satellite TV providers. They finally sent a repair man out today.

Second in line is VERIZON. I hate Verizon almost as much as I hated Alltel.... Thinking on it a bit,,,I would probably hate any and all of those wireless telephone companies because they are All only interested in customer VOLUME and not a bit about customer SERVICE. I got so tired of their crappy website, and their even crappier customer service, that I gave up and let my son give his Dad his old phone instead of dealing with those people. James dropped his phone in his glass of ice water and killed it thus causing the pain and aggravation with VERIZON! I'm gonna make my phone last as long as possible just to piss them off.

I've saved Waste Corporation for last. My overstuffed trash container is still sitting beside the road waiting for a tractor to come by and knock it over into the ditch and strew garbage everywhere like they did last week when WASTE CORPORATION was late picking it up. Trash pick up day is supposed to be Monday but lately it's been mostly when they get around to it. Of course, they charge you a month in advance for these special services. I believe Tom J. Fatjo, Jr. , Jerome M. Kruszka, Charles A. Casalinova, and Tom J. Fatjo, III should get up off their corporate management asses and take a walk on the trashy side to see the crappy service their customers have to deal with on a regular basis.

Ok, I'm done bitching for the moment.

I hope everyone else is having a better week.


Donna said...

I hate when I have to waste MY time to tell another business how to do THEIR job! If WE treated people like some treat US, we wouldn't have ANY customers left!
And I Hate all that website and telephone time, wasted! Geez!
Sorry Miz Brenda! Hope it all gets fixed SOON!

Butterfly Gardener said...

Bless your heart...guess thats a good reason we don't have cable, burn/recycle our own trash and use prepaid cell phones.
Hope your week gets better!

Donna said...

LOL, I think I want to put you and my husband in a room together for a while and hash it all out! We got a snippy person to wait on us at Lowes about a week ago, and DH got made and walked off. He fired off an e-mail to corporate office. Next thing you know, the store manager offered us $100 and free delivery for the grill that we had been planning to buy (but didn't because of the pissy salesman). So sometimes it pays to complain!

bermudabluez said...

Oh Boy! I sure can relate to this post!! Having been employed by the VP of Customer Service for Xerox Corporation for most of my career and being married to a member of the Sr. Mgmt. Team....I have a HUGE problem with companies today that do not even BELIEVE in Customer Service!! Whatever happened to the CUSTOMER is always RIGHT! Whatever happened to...the reason you are in business is BECAUSE of the CUSTOMER??? Makes me nuts too Brenda!!! Believe me....between my husband and I we can shrink a retail mgr. down to nothing in two seconds flat.

The thing that really bothers us both though is that in today's world....it does not even seem to matter. It is sad. Very Sad.

Hope your Verizon situation gets better and I'm glad I haven't even tried Direct TV yet!

Better Days Ahead My Friend!!

Sally said...

Oh man, I can relate too, Ms Brenda. Bank of America sucks big time; u can never get the same person twice; one dept doesn't tell the other dept what's going on, and on top of the headache, they ruined my credit. This all has to do with Obama's stickin' his nose into 'making homes affordable'. aarrgghh I could go on, but I won't 'cause my blood pressure go up just thinkin' about it.

And, then at the end of the conversations they say "is there anything else I can help you with" and "have a nice day".

Okay, I'm done. :)

Jeanette said...

I was going to switch from T-Mobile to Verizon in February when my current contract is up...I'll have to think about that now!

Out on the prairie said...

I don't use a business unless I talk to real people. If they offer relief ask what they will do if this doesn't work. Puts them on the spot with a confused answer.I like telemarketers who call for my daughter and when I answer I say this is her.Thought I had one the other day and it turned out to be someone wanting her for an interview. HA! Got me!

Jeanne said...

We have cable tv and it stinks because there's only one provider available. We don't own our home so can't be attaching a dish to the property and from the sounds of it, no picnic dealing with them either. Good luck!

Virginia Gal said...

Cell phone companies in this country are the worse! I say we gang together and egg 'em!

Crystal said...

Lol, I'm with ya on Verizon. That's who I have as well and their internet site is junk;)

kimberly said...

LOL....been there!!!!
hugs brenda!!!

Tes said...

Hello Brenda, sorry to hear about your experience about Verizon! It sucks! :( I really hate crappy customer service -been there, done that! Waste of time! :(