Sunday, March 14, 2010

Some Things Just Ain't Right

The other day,,,I'm not sure if it was one day last week or the week before,,, but I happened to flip the TV over to channel 5 and caught some of Rachel Ray's talk show. Rachel was having a discussion with the legal minded Lisa Bloom and something she said just about made me jump up and down with righteous indignation cause it was just so wrong!

This woman, this TV lawyer, sat right there and in a gossipy voice, with Rachel hanging onto every word, had the nerve to say that while Tiger Woods came clean at a live press conference,,,apologized to his family, apologized to his friends, apologized to the wholedamnedworld (I repeat, this was on live TV), he did not, and should have, apologized to the women with whom he had the affairs.


I gotta tell you, I don't think Tiger Woods should have apologized to the world live on TV cause I don't think what he did, or didn't do, or does, concerning his marriage vows, is any of our business. I can see that he may have needed to apologize to some of his endorses, but only if there was some sort of morals clause in the contracts.

Those women? Why they're just what we in the south discretely call "old road whore groupies". This wasn't some Joe Blow from Kocomo they were messin' with, they knew he was married and they didn't care one iota. They were hoping some of his money would dribble on down to them or at least the recognition that went along with his celebrity status. For sure, if I were married to a dude with a ton of money and he did me wrong with some ol trash like that, I'd be suing their asses off, right along with his.

I've watched Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals for years but I'm not sure if I want to watch her talk show again if she's going to have that trash talkin' lawyer on there again.

Some things just ain't right, ya know?


Diane at Crafty Passions said...

I agree I so agree!!
One more thing while I am at it.... I can't stand Rachel Ray I don't know why she just rubs me wrong,always has...I tried watching her a few times.... must be the E-V-O-O... LOL!!
Have a great week !

Donna said...

I do NOT watch those talk shows, including Rachel Ray's. Most things they talk about just pi##es me off! So the TV stays off during the daytime hours except for news. Oh yeah, the news pi##es me off too. Hahaha, you can't win!

Virginia Gal said...

I concur, what stupidity! The only person he should apologize is to his wife. I agree those women knew EXACTLY what they were doing and I have no respect for that!

Sally said...

I was mystified as well that while he actually came here for a press conference, he only allowed a certain few in the room. The entire town showed up (including news people from around the world) to stand around "outside" where he was speaking to watch on huge screens. His mom and two female aides were the only women in the room. His mom kept her head down during the whole speech, never once looked at him.

I love to watch him play golf, and couldn't care less what he does in his 'spare time'. I also don't feel the least bit sorry for those women, and why in the world would anyone think he should apologize to them. They knew what they were doing. aarrgh

Donna said...

He's one of the Best Golfers I've Ever watched! I Also do Not watch daytime crap even here at work! News channels only...Hate reality to...I AGREE 100% with you!!!
What "happens" in your driveway, STAYS in your driveway...Period!

Jeanette said...

I can't stand day time talk shows either although I do DVR Oprah every day. I wonder what her reaction would have been if that lawyer was on her show!

veterankindergartenteacher said...

I agree! Maybe that lawyer was representing one of those women...or getting ready to.

It seems like our society thrives on stories like that!

bermudabluez said...

I totally agree! He should not have done the press conference in the first place in my opinion. Apologize to the women? NO WAY!

Jeanne said...

I'm with you Brenda. What did or didn't happen is between Tiger and Elin. Those women knew what they were getting into and clearly are trying to make their 15 minutes of fame off it. It's not our business or the media that thinks we should hear every sorid true and fabricated tale.

Mary Lou said...

and it was those women that broke the story and broke the golden egg. shoulda kept it all quiet

Donna said...

Happy Saint Patricks Day to you!!

SOUL said...

oooooh ! i'm sooo with you on this!
i didn't see the RR show-- but i am wondering now-- i know his wife-- thank God, did not join him in any way of support on his 'apologies/speeches, etc. and for once , a woman of a "celebrity" stood up for all the women in this country, and showed our young women that it is NOT acceptable to be cheated on-- nor is it expected or right of us as women to get in front of cameras and support these jerks !

soulkid was furious over the last senator- or governor or whatever the hell he was - when his wife stood next to him, multiple times on TV. "doing her duty"

she said 'why does she have to do that?'
i said (quite PO'd - she doesn't HAVE to!!" (and more). i was angered that my kid thought that she would or might be 'expected' to stand by a cheater!

nothing erks me more . and it started with Billary. OMG. she stood up there like he did nothin wrong. i coulda slapped her head right off. do these people not think before they get in front of those cameras, the message they send to OUR daughters??

oh, make me stop.

did tiger even apologize to his own wife?????

ok-- i'll go now.

have a happy trip--
we're goin to tn in june :))

say no to bugs :))

Anonymous said...

I agree! Tiger is a moron and I'm so annoyed that he claims he has a sex addiction... what a Twat, I hope he chokes on a chicken bone and punctures his lungs with a golf club.