Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Resting Up

This picture has a cute story that goes along with it. A few minutes earlier, our Jilly Beans had sauntered over to where these two cute little boys were playing with their power truck. In less than 2 minutes she had the driver taking her for a ride. 2 minutes after that she was driving it.
Our Beans is quite a little flirt.

The girls catching a big bass.

The raptors recuperating..

I was very disappointed when I was downloading my pictures and discovered that I had taken every one of them at the smallest setting. I don't know how I did that but some of them won't be worth printing for sure.

We had a good time in NW Tennessee but I'm still tired from it. I think the kids had a good time though so it was worth a little weariness.


SOUL said...

i take it you have returned to the home front?

if so, i'm glad you are home and safe. and havin home brewed coffee.
have you un-dragged you asseth ? HA - that's too good. and so somethin i'd say.

anyhow--- i love your pix - and i know you know which one is my fave huh? yup the big fish . i have one like that on my wall; i caught him in kansas years ago.
not really. but i did my 2nd to biggest there. i named him "uncle George" , but i didn't 'stuff' him, i let him go. like all the rest.
'catch and release' - that's the way we do it here on the soul-front

have a chillaxed evening
wherever you are.

VKT said...

You took great pics...I love the big fish one. Your little Jilly is a doll!!!! Have a blessed evening.

Virginia Gal said...

I love the story of Ms. Jilly Bean!

Sally said...

Beans always cracks me up - I just love that little girl!! Great pictures, Ms Brenda!! :)

kimberly said...

love it!!!! looks like you all had a fun, memorable good making memories with our grands!!!

SOUL said...

just cruisin thru --
like a shark !

Mary Lou said...

Nice Pictures!

Jeanne said...

Oh Brenda what wonderful pictures! Love that fish shot too and the! Looks like a fun time.

Donna said...

Oh these are Beautiful Miz Brenda!!! Love the Eagle!!!
Sounds like you had a good trip...I'm so Glad!!
I Know I've been a worthless Blogger Buddy lately, but hopefully I'll be able to get back in the swing of things...Sweet weekend to you!