Friday, October 09, 2009

Looking Back on the Week

The Chick told her momma:

I know where Lost Vegas is and I know where Lost Angeles is, but where in the heck is the Awful Tower?

Beans cons James into a ride on the 4wheeler any time that he's at home at mid-afternoon and she's in the neighborhood. On Wednesday she insisted they go a mile or so down the road so she could show him a dead possum that someone had run over. Then on the way back home she had him stop the ATV so she could stand on the front and sing the Hannah Montana song to him. Her interests cover a wide range.

Abbey has new glasses! She looks SO sweet in them!

Cause I just keep going back in time.


Sally said...

Awwww, look at that sweet Abbey; she does look so cute!!

Those grandchildren of yours are just so very precious; all of them. I'm thinking of going to Lost Somewhere. :)

Donna said...

Such a Sweet little Miss Abbey!!! Cool glasses!
I Loved that song!! A bunch of us kids (HS) would sing along and rock side to side to it!!(I wonder..was that Before the beers or After...Hahaaaaa)...thanks for the memory!! Have a wonderful weekend!hughugs

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Hey Brenda! Just swinging by, checking in! :D

Virginia Gal said...

What a sweet grandpa to listen to Hannah Montana!!

PEA said...

You almost had me spit out my water as I read what the Chick asked her momma about the Awful Tower! ROFL! Never a dull moment, is there! lol

Abbey looks adorable with her glasses, they really suit her.

Love that song and now I`ll be humming it the rest of the day! hehe xoxo

Anonymous said...

I feel there is a need to offer some balance to some of those 'great old songs' (protest) that were prevalent in the 60's and 70's.

I think that the men and women that are in the 'front lines' were deserving of more respect than they got. Without regard to the political theory of the moment, or the 'in party'. Just sayin'.

Some Youtube links:

Surfin' Bird 42 Years Later by The Trashmen (Iraq)

The Green Berets by SSgt Barry Sadler (Vietnam)

Sink The Bismarck by Johhny Horton (World War II)

Star Spangled Banner (Revolutionary War)


Brenda said...

Each of those songs were on albums we owned and listened to when I was a teen. Before you get the wrong idea about my blog post, know this;

My mother's 6 brothers served our country and she and both of her sisters married men who served. My father and his brothers also served. Sometimes they fought in justified wars, sometimes not, but each one did their part for their country. You're certainly right about the fact that they weren't given enough respect for doing their duty, most definitely not by their own government.

bermudabluez said...

Hey! I think the Chick sounds like a pretty fun kid!! And Abby is rockin' those glasses! Nice post Brenda!

Anonymous said...

I think protests are okay, as it keeps you searching the various points in your conscience. I also thought that some of the protest crowd misdirected their activities toward the troops. A lot of the music of the 60's and 70's reflects this as a lot of the "college deferrment" crowd were involved. I see the same thing happening today.


Louise said...

Love the glasses. And stopping the ATV to sing a song. Someone needs to find a way to get a video of that!!

Tine said...

Abbey really looks pretty with those glasses