Thursday, October 01, 2009

It's About Time

Beginning Thursday it will become illegal to text and drive in Arkansas. This is a good thing but I think they should make the fines a little stiffer in order to really begin to deter accidents and deaths from this idiotic practice.

Maybe if they make the laws at the federal level and up the fine.


Jeanne said...

You got that right! I saw one that takes the cake. Some kid riding his bike down the road while texting! Gotta mention I enjoy hearing Joe Nicols when I visit you. Saw him at the Big E a few years ago. Excellent!

Donna said...

One of Obama's guys that works for him is now in trouble for texting while driving...HAhaaaa...Gads!!

bermudabluez said...

I TOTALLY agree with you on is an awful practice. Heard on the news here tonight that it is actually worse than DWI! There have been so many tragic accidents due to this. Let's hope some federal laws get passed and VERY stiff fines!!

Joan said...

Amen sister.

Jeanette said...

That law definitely needed to be passed!

Sally said...

Yep, definitely needed to be passed. Hope they do it here if they haven't already. I do have to admit to having a loved one I've noticed texting and it drives me bonkers!!

SOUL: said...

it's only in school zones here (hands free) -- but yep-- it won't be long.
i can't tell you how irritating it is-- or how many times i've almost been hit by texters. ugh.
i'll admit-- i've tried-- but i just can't see well enough to divert my eyes back and forth--
just say no !!!