Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sports Equipment Stupid

Zach is playing jr. high sports and they've been practicing football. Yesterday he brought home his mouth guard with instructions for me to "boil it so I can form it to my mouth."

So I did,,,for several minutes cause I forgot about it.

It started out looking something like the ones in the top photo. The end result was the strange object below.

What he meant to say was "put it in boiling water" for a minute. He's pretty mad at me for following his instructions. We both now know that mouth guards are not boilable.

And he forgot to take money this morning to replace it. I reckon I'm in hot water again.


Sally said...

Oh Lordy - now, that's funny, but I guess Zach didn't think so!! Goodness, Ms Brenda, you're in for a world of hurt when he gets home. :)

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Oh man I did that with my first mouthpiece too! Ha! You can also ask the dentist for some, ours gave some to us for free! :D

Donna said...

HAHAHAHAhahahaaaaa...OMGGGGG!!! Not laughing AT you...but WITH you....OMWord Girl!!! I needed this....Hahaaaa...Thanks!!!hughughughughugs

Donna said...

Well, that sure looks like something entirely else! LOL!!!!!! Guess you can't be trusted with his mouth guards and he will need to boil them himself from now on, don't you think? Hmmmmm????

Joni said...

Hmmmm...a definite "do-over"...better luck next time!

bermudabluez said...

I would have done the very same thing! Don't know a thing about sports equipment of any kind!

Joan said...

That's pretty funny, but hows a girl to know stuff like that?

SOUL: said...

better set a timer on the next one.

Jeanne said...

Oh poor Brenda hehe and Zach.

jazzi said...

Are those teeth marks? Seriously, the things should come with instructions. I mean, how do they expect people who've never used one to know how to do it? I'd be in the same boat!

Donna said...

Yes!! I Did tie her to the chair!Hahaa...and YES! I Did leave early and it felt SO good!!
Happy day sweetie!hughugs

Virginia Gal said...

Too funny!

Mary Lou said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Now Nanaw, you dont want him putting something like THAT in his mouth!!!

Louise said...

Oh damn! I think I'm glad I'm only in charge of girls! I didn't even know what it WAS in the first picture!

Nina said...

hahaha....thats the most weired lookin mouth guard i have ever seen.

sports equipment

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