Tuesday, June 09, 2009

That's It, I'm Insane!

I was awakened by shrill arguing this morning as 3 little girls came tumbling through the door; My day had started.

"She spit in my shoe!"

"Who's spitting?"

"Not me!" "Not me!"


"I'm not lying, I didn't do it."
"It wasn't me, I didn't spit, that's nasty!"

Since I was the only other animal with spitting capabilities in the house, it must have been me. I'm having black-outs and spitting in kid's flip-flops now.

"She's hogging all the colors."
"He won't let me use the colored pencils."
"I want that color, give it here."
"She won't leave me alone!"
"He's bothering me."

They wanted me to print them some coloring pages so I spent 20 minutes or so searching and then printing a page for each to color. Within 15 minutes the argument above started so I grabbed the pages and threw them in the trash. Then I made them put up the 1,199 crayons and colored pencils they had strew around.

"She's staring at me!"
"Make her stop looking at me!"

"How do you know she's staring and looking at you, are you looking at her?"


"Holy SHIT! Stop looking at her and you won't be able to see her staring at you!"

THAT conversation occurs every time we are in the truck going somewhere.

"Can we play cards?"
"Can you play without fighting and bickering?"

2 minutes later (I swear, they hadn't finished dealing out the cards yet!)

"She's cheating!"
"She didn't let me have my turn."
"That's not fair!!"



Sally said...

Just a normal day around the homestead, eh, Ms. Brenda?


Okay,I'm sorry. Enjoy the quiet of the evening. ((((hugs))))

Loretta said...

That sounds like me last week. Tanner is older so he thinks Chase has to do what he says. The fight was on! I wondered how I would ever make it to August!

Butterfly Gardener said...

I remember those days! LOL My brother and I fought like crazy ~ but I could always beat him up. We're pretty close now, so there is some hope!

Donna said...

Want to take a vacation and come visit me? It's a no kid zone! LOL.

Donna said...

HAHAHAHAHaahahaaaa....You've got those arguments down PAT, Girlchild!!!!LOLOL....I can HEAR them!!!Hahaaa....
GET Some REST!!!Hahaa...hughughughguhughughugs

Cindra said...

Not a bad day.. you had to wait until half way down before the comment "she's looking at me" came up.

By the way, the title got my attention because I thought we had all assumed you were insane... this is old news.

Just Joni said...

I remember those kinds of days! Insanity helps. Threaten to duplicate their behavior in public...I saw one time (where I cannot remember, Internet?)a lady who threw herself down on the floor in a dept. store and threw a fit in front of her kids. Problem solved. Hey, if you're already cRazY what do you have to lose?

Could you have someone record that for us though?

SOUL: said...

you forgot the she's touching me!!! and she pinched me !!!
welcome to summer time ... you must be the babysitter, right??
i pity you. ok, no i don't , nobody wants pity... how bout-- i feel your pain.

i hope your morning begins a little brighter tomorrow.

bermudabluez said...

Now there's an idea! Just throw yourself down on the floor in public and have an all out fit!!! The white coated men would come and take you away to lala land and you wouldn't have to worry about the kids' bickering anymore! On second thought....probably not such a great idea! I do not miss those days. Try to hang in there and make yourself a good, strong margarita after they go to sleep!! Hope you have a better day tomorrow!!

JunieRose2005 said...


Oh my goodness-how well I remember those times; first with my kids and THEN with 4 grandkids!

(Oh! How I miss them! :( )


Jeanette said...

Ha Ha I remember telling my kids that exact same thing! And one time they were fighting so bad in the car that I turned around, drove home and kicked them out! I made them wait on the porch so I could go to the store in peace!

Joan said...

Threats only work if you make them GET OUT OF THE TRUCK,and pretend to drive away. Well,it will probably work once at least. They catch on fast.

jazzi said...

Just think, Brenda, the summer has just begun!

May you still have all your hair by the time summer is over.

Sally said...

Are you still there, Ms Brenda or have you gone over the brink? :)

kimberly said...

LOL.....so reminds me of trips in our van with five daughters!!!!!!! oh my.....we didn't get anywhere on time....for stopping the van after threatening to do so every five minutes! :-)....happy summer, brenda!

Debbie said...

Remember that lady up north who just dropped her kids off? No one could understand how she could do it. LOL

Some days you sure wish you could!

I like the idea of throwing a fit on the floor myself. Wonder if we'd feel better!!

Hope by now you're back in kilter!!

joan said...

Hahaha....... This really did make me laugh Brenda. Hope you have a good weekend!