Thursday, June 04, 2009

Nanaw's Homemade

I sliced some Vermont white cheddar cheese,

Sliced my thumb and cleaned up the blood,

Sliced a bit of American cheese,

Cut up some all beef bologna in little cracker sized squares,

Then I put some saltines and Ritz crackers on the table,

I also added some Doritos and Lays.

The girls came to the table for their lunch and MeriKate said,

"Hey, Nanaw made homemade lunchables!"

Krysten said around a mouth full of crackers,

"Yeah, and it tastes just like them too!"

I'll have to think of some more "homemade" goodies for tomorrow. Hahahahahaha.


Donna said...

HAhaaaa....Nothing like satisfied Customers NawNaw!!! Sorry bout the sliced finger though!!hughugs

Donna said...

PS- Hey Girl...I've spent the last several hours deleting my wordpress (photography) blog and copying everything to my Blogger site...GEEZ!!!
The address on my sidebar is correct now...

Sally said...

Hey, be careful with that knife, NaNaw!!

I guarantee what you fixed is MUCH healthier than what comes in those little lunchables, and the kids liking them is a huge plus!! Good job!! :)

SOUL: said...

kudos to you --- you could call them nanawbles.
ok ---or NOT.
can't blame a gal for tryin.

hope the thumb is ok--- be careful next time.

anyhow--- have a good night-

Donna said...

Darn that knife! Hope your sore thumb is OK, LOL. Cute story!

Butterfly Gardener said...

That sounds good for supper, but I don't have the fixins!!!
Hope your thumb feels better!

tattered lace diary said...

You sound like me. I am clumsy as the dickens.
I love the music you have playing on your site.
Sending you love, Nita

Jeanne said...

haha I like that homemade lunchables. you smartie pants you!