Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mostly Busy Thursday

My day started out slow, I almost went back to bed after Zach left for school but I've been having so many aches and pains in my back and legs that I just couldn't get comfortable enough.

This was his last day of school so he was back home again by noon. I was dressed and waiting for him so we could leave to meet James down at the farm to pick up his pay check. He only gets paid once a month on the last working day, and normally I'd wait until the day after to do the banking, but the past few months it's been so hectic on the 1st that I decided not to wait this time so that perhaps I wouldn't have so many bad thoughts about the senior drivers and welfare caddys on the road.

After we did the banking, Zach and I stopped in to see the Chicklets for a bit. Jerri was gone when I got there and Banny, her mother, was there with the girls and Jaylen (who was spending the week with them). As I walked up onto the carport, Banny met me and was showing me this little green snake that was peeking his head out of a crack. She told me the little fella was on the back door earlier, trying to get in as Jerri was going out. He wasn't a scary snake at all, not even as big around as a pencil and a little longer than a ruler.

Later, as we sat in the living room, chatting and having coffee, Banny noticed the little snake trying to make his way to the front door and was hanging from a planter on the front porch. We decided we would try to catch him as an addition to the Chick's growing zoo, so Banny went out back to find a critter cage and I grabbed my camera to attempt to get a picture of the sneaky little dude before we did the deed.

That little dude was fast as greased lightening!! Neither Banny or I minded touching him cause he was just a little green snake, but I told her that I'd really rather grab him behind the head if possible because I really had no desire to have him LICK me (his little tongue was darting in and out constantly!) Banny got a towel and tried to corral him to be still so I could grasp him behind his teeny little head. This was not easy because he was a wiggly, squirmy little dude. I caught him around his middle once but I had to release when he turned his head, WITH tongue, toward my arm, but Banny stayed her course with that towel so we finally did it. I held onto him and we made our way into the house to put him in the little cage. I got a little nervous when I had to stop a minute so Zach could get a closer look at him and touch him a little, but we made the capture and all was well.

The kids were busy killing and catching flies to feed Sneaky Freddy (Alexis named him) for a good while afterwards so it gave us grandmas a little free time to chat a bit more and drink our coffee.

I'm not too sure Jerri was totally happy with us when she came home to find an additional pet, but she loves us so she puts up with us.

Later, the kids decided to take a dip in the pool.

Jillian decided she wanted to climb the ladder to see what the big kids were doing.

Two of our babies graduated from kindergarten yesterday. Abby and MeriKate were as happy as little clams.


Jerri called late afternoon yesterday. Her first words when I answered the phone were, "Do you want your Granddaughter, and for how long?" I said, "Which one?" (but all the while having a sneaky suspicion) "What did she do?"

I started laughing as soon as she said "Bisquick". I was laughing so hard I might have missed some of it, but...I think while Jerri was fixing supper, Jillian slipped into the fridge and snagged the box of Bisquick, took it with her to Alexis's room where she poured it out, added some sprite to make a batter, then rolled Cookie the kitten in it.

I'm glad she doesn't know how to use a deep fryer yet.

I wonder how many grey hairs Jerri has today?


kaliblue said...

Me & snakes just don't see eye to eye any more{:-). All the young'uns are just cute as a button. I gotta run my errands tomorrow. Just not looking forward to it at all.
Have a great weekend!

Special K said...

I can just see the two of you trying to corner Sneaky Freddy (great name, by the way).

I can't believe how BIG your little Jillybeans is getting!

Cindra said...

Help me on this... who are the kids and who are the adults? Sometimes I think I get it straight and then there are these snake catching stories and I get confused again. LOL.... the pics are precious.

cassie-b said...

We had a little snake just like that who lived in the rosebush on our porch railing when I lived in Charleston, SC.

We named him ,"Stick", and used to like watching him. He stuck his tongue out at us any time we visited.


"Early Bird" said...

I got a good laugh about the battered up kitten...poor little feller...but he's probably used to such things
I call them little green snakes grass got into our first trailer the summer we were married...I had been out mowing and my eyes were getting adjusted to being inside and I thought I was seeing things...but sure 'noug!!!

Mary Lou said...

Golly those girls are all getting so big and so PRETTY!! and then there is zach! you can tell he is all boy huh!

Whispering Hope said...

I love it! Jillian and Hunter would get along great - like two peas in a pod!

Hey - watch what you say about senior drivers!! :)

Have a great weekend. I'm sure you'll have more stories after.

Attila The Mom said...

Aiiiggghhhh on the snakes!! And your little guys are so gorgeous!!

PEA said...

All I have to say is that you have a lot more nerve than I do where it comes to snakes! lol We don't really have that many around the 29 years I've been living at this house, I've only seen a grass snake once in the garden! They tend to stay more in the bush areas. Oh, so that's what they serve down there...battered cat??? hehe Too funny! Makes you wonder how a child's mind works! lol xox

jazzi said...

Snakes.. can stay in the grass, as far as I'm concerned, whether they're ripe or not.

Jillian and the Bisquick reminds me of Squirt and the powdered sugar. But he didn't try to roll the dog in it, so Jilly must be further along in the cooking lessons! LOL