Friday, May 25, 2007


Cindra, over at Red and Purple Haze, has tagged me to do a meme so here goes:

7 Random Things About Me

1. I don't like to wear socks because they're uncomfortable to me, and if I absolutely must wear them, I prefer the very thin trouser socks.

2. I can not sleep if the bedroom door is closed. Hubby gets up before me and has company for coffee every morning by 5 or 5:30. I can sleep through the noise of their muted voices discussing every manner of farm topic, but if he closes the bedroom door, I'm wide awake and up early for the day.

3. I've been in all of the states directly north and south of Arkansas and have been in all of the eastern states except for Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. I've never been further west than Hot Springs, AR. I lived in England for 3 years as a teen and have visited The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Scotland.

4. I have 8 grandchildren and 7 of them are little girls. The oldest, the only boy, lives with us because he wants to.

5. I am the most disorganized person in the world. If something is out of my sight, it's usually out of my mind too, so a lot is left out in sight. I admire neat, organized, people.

6. I learned to drive a standard when I was 8 and over the years have driven everything from a tractor to an 18 wheeler. Being able to drive in the country is almost a necessity.

7. I've only successfully parallel parked once in my life. I was driving a station wagon I'd never driven before, and had to park between a farm truck and a butane truck to pass my drivers test. I was 18 when I got my license because I married 2 weeks before my 17th birthday and refused to have my husband sign as my legal guardian. (you'll notice I drove for a LONG time illegally).


"Early Bird" said...

So nice to know all of these facts about you...I never knew you lived in such a variety of places and I though Zach was your son...shows I don't pay close enough attention don't it?

TRISH said...

I can attest to the disorganization. Unfortunately, I have inherited the "disorganizational" gene. However, I am currently in the "i want to be organized" mode. There should be support groups for this!

Whispering Hope said...

I don't blame you on the waiting until "18". :)

jazzi said...

Thank goodness you got it right on the driving test, even if you don't get it right any other time!

Cindra said...

I love that Zach lives with you because he wants to... that's a great reason.
You and I are on the same wave length as far as organization. But I can parallel park just about anything like a pro! don't ask me why... one of my few real skillz! And I never get to show it off... no parking like that here.
Loved reading all that!

Brent said...

I would love to sit down for an evening with you and get just totally drunk. I think you would make me laugh and laugh with such an interesting life!

PEA said...

I so enjoyed learning these facts about you!! I've never paralled parked in my life...when I was doing my driving test, I was terrified he'd ask me to do so because it was the one thing I never learned! lol Thank goodness, he never did ask me and I passed the test:-) xox

tine said...

I so love your answers Brenda :) They gave me smiles