Monday, August 17, 2015


Yes I have.


Sally said...

Most likely, we have all felt some of those at one time or another. I'm sorry though, Ms Brenda, for the way things are for you. But, I do understand given all that you have been through especially the past few years. It seems like you don't get a break. Wish I knew the right words. I can remember back when the grands were little, and of course when James was still with you. Happier times. Life can be so unfair. :(

Sending you lots of love, and prayers.

Donna said...

Unfortunately, I'm a member of the same club now. Before, I didn't fully understand. Now I do and wished that I didn't. You do have the blessing of some family in the area. But life is not the same after your husband, your best friend, is gone. I spend many days in complete isolation. The world keeps spinning and I am merely an observer. God bless you sweetie. I continue to keep you in my prayers.