Thursday, June 09, 2011

Limping Along

May was a bad month for a whole heap of folks living along the Mississippi River and his tributaries.   I've seen water, DEEP water, where I've never seen water in all the years that I've lived off and on in the delta.  Our county was given disaster status due to the storms and floods during May.  Most of the damage done was to farm land that was ready to be planted or had already been planted.  There were also a few places in our county where flood waters got into people's homes as well as some road closures.  

There were roads closed near many of the tributaries that eventually emptied into the Mississippi River, but couldn't because Old Man River was way over flood stage.  In Memphis, the river was only 1/10 of an inch away from the record flooding of 1937.
This is a field.  It looked like a huge lake, it seemed to go on forever.
Another field and a flooded house in Lee county, AR
I was surprised to learn about the huge line of cars and people to be found at the Department of Human Services in Helena-West Helena, awaiting their turn at a portion of the food allowances being doled out for families affected by the disasters. The few houses damaged by storms or flood surely didn't come to the number that showed up for aid.  A friend stopped on the road and asked one lady where she lived and how bad was the damage to her property and the lady replied, "It didn't get hurt, but you don't have to have damage to qualify for the free food allowance."  What?????????

This guy and the one below built levees around their houses to keep the flooded creek from getting into their houses.
Weird storm clouds.
It seems that bad luck and bad weather sure seems to bring out the greedy and ugly in some folks.  I just don't understand it.


Jeanne said...

Flooding, earthquakes and tornadoes in unusual places...I'm waiting for the locusts. Strange days that can bring out the best and worst in people!

Donna said...

How horrible!
What a Greedy woman that Was!! How can that happen?! She was litterally stealing food from those that needed it!
How sad!
Glad you're safe and sound Miz Brenda!

Sally said...

I guess it's true that some people will do anything for a handout while others will do everything they can to avoid sponging off others that they think need it more than they do. Unbelievable. :(

So good to see you, Ms Brenda, and I too am glad you and yours were spared. It's crazy weather everywhere.

Out on the prairie said...

Flooding can change many peoples lives.I was out of my old home in 08 and moved to town to higher ground.It is closing road along the MO river here in Iowa now.Glad i am far away, but i open my house to anyone in need.last year it was like a dorm.

Jeanette said...

Some people have such a sense of entitlement! How crude!! Sorry for the people that lost so much!

cal said...

It's the other way here. Some parts of the country are suffering from a drought!

Donna said...

The folks that lie in the public trough for a living are always looking for a new way to scam. And the money comes out of our pocket for their dishonesty! I really feel bad for the folks who have been flooded all up and down the river. Of course, it's not being publicized on the news like it should.

bichonpawz said...

That makes me SO mad! Taking advantage of people when they are is just not right. How can they live with themselves? I am very glad that you and your family are all's been such a bad year for so many folks.

Virginia Gal said...

First, I LOVE the new Picasso style graphic on the page, so cool!

Sad to hear about the flooding and those taking advantage, they ruin it for those who are really in need.

Donna said...

Did you put your Playing photos somewhere else? Can't find them...
Hope all is ok with you!

Tes said...

Oh how awful! What a greedy person! I feel bad for the needy. Often times unfortunate incidents melt people's heart.. but in this case, its the opposite -unthinkable! :)