Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hello, Roy?

I was snuggled in and sawing some humongous logs the other morning when the ringing of the phone dragged me from my bed.

Sleepy, grumpy, me:  HELLO.

Voice on phone: Yes, I need to speak to Roy please.

Sleepy, grumpier me: What? I told you, or the person who called  yesterday, that there is no Roy here. Roy does not live here! Stop calling!

Voice on Phone: Is this 870-572-5555?

Sleepy, grumpier, me: Yes it is.

Voice on Phone: Then I have the correct number for Roy.

Sleepy, grumpier than ever and now even bitchy, me: Are you crazy? No you don't!  Roy does not live here. Roy has never lived here. I've had this phone number since 1981 and Roy didn't live here then, Roy doesn't live here now. I don't even know anyone named Roy,,,,except maybe Roy Rogers,,,but I didn't even know him really, just knew him from TV. You know they stuffed his horse when it died,,,,,,,

Click,,,,dial tone.

Voice on Phone hung up on me. Can you believe that?


Donna said...

LOL! Next time tell them that you killed him and he is getting mummified in your closet! I told that to one persistent caller and they never called me again.

bichonpawz said...

LOL! Tell them not to hang up...the call is being traced as they have called a crime scene and police are on the way to their house!

Dawn said...

LOL!!!!! When I saw this title, it really caught my eye, my hubby is Roy !!!!! I love the call is being traced !! haha

Donna said...

The Nerve of them hanging up like that!!Hahaaaa...Sometimes the call starts to get FUN and then They decide to end it! Pathetic cowards!Lololol

Out on the prairie said...

I may have said, this is, or even better, "I'm sorry but the poor guy jumped of a bridge last night." I had someone wanting a female so finally said I was to find out who they were. We talked for a bit with a few ,You sure this is, and I had a good laugh. Hey ,if you have the wrong number don't wake me up.

Sally said...

LOL I love it!! Long ago a girl kept calling my house asking for John - kept telling her no John here. The last time she called-I said: Hold on a minute he's in the shower. She never called again, and I bet when she caught up with John he was in a peck of trouble.

Have a wonderful day, Ms Brenda!!

Kim said...

This made me laugh right out loud! I hope you've convinced them.

Jeanette said...

LOL! I'll have to try that on a telemarketer next time!

Virginia Gal said...

Everyone's suggestions are hilarious, particularly the mummified one.

If you have the patience, you could just say, "hold on, I'll get him." and than just leave the phone on the side, wonder how long they would wait till they gave up - though I suppose with this method they would call again, so you would have to do this a couple of times before they got the message.

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Debbie said...

Cracked me up, you nut! I bet you scared them into thinking they had some crazed loon on the line.

Maybe they won't call again hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

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