Saturday, February 27, 2010

Photo Challenge - Wood

The wooden river walk board walk at the River Park in Helena, AR.

James pruned the oak tree a couple years ago. This scar reminds me of an eye.

And here's the male of the woodpecker pair that's been hanging around my yard for the past couple of years. Do you see the pecan in his beak?

It's that time again and I'm afraid I let it slip up on me again. I've gone into old photo files to hunt for the above Wood shots for the new Photo Challenge. I hope to be in here early tomorrow to view all of the other challengers over at the Photo Challenge Blog.

I've been missing my blog and I'm trying my best to get my mind situated so that I can get back on the blog track. I miss my blog buds most of all.


Nita Jo said...

Great shots of the woodpecker and the bridge. My favorite is the "eye" of the oak. Reminded me of a dream I had years ago about the "spirit of the oak" (it was the oak tree at the house where I grew up). Kind of eerie... like it's watching.

antigoni said...

Great photos! You're righr, it reminds me of an eye,too.

Donna said...

Again...How in the Heck (;o) do you always manage to get your dang birds to put something in their beaks for their photo shoots???HAhahahaa...These are great! Cool bridge!!!

These are Wonderful Miz Brenda! Stop worrying 'bout things! Blogger Buddies Forever!!!

Jeanne said...

Ooohhh love the woodpecker Brenda! And DOnna's right, you're so lucky getting him with something in his mouth. That board walk looks like a real pretty spot.

AL said...

Haha I know there's somebody who will post woodpeckers, I wanted to but I didn't see any here and you did captured it well.

Donna said...

Well, I was wondering if you would show up for this challenge! Glad to see you posting and I miss you too, sweetie! All of these are great shots. I love the eye in the tree bark the best. Cool!

Ann said...

That boardwalk looks so inviting. You are right about the scar on that tree it does look like an eye. I wonder what it sees?

Sally said...

GREAT shots, Ms. Brenda! I love the "pecan" - too funny.

Hey, we all miss you very much, but understand! ((hugs))

SOUL said...

nice shots brenda--
how do you know that bird is a male?
the knot in the tree does look like an eye -- i like it-
i'd love to walk or fish off that bridage--

your pix take me to place i would like to be right now
good job

happy weekend-

ps- my pix are up-- late-- but up-

Butterfly Gardener said...

Your archives provided some wonderful wood pictures! I would like to walk on the bridge and love the close up of the tree and how awesome to catch the woodpecker with the pecan in his beak!
Have a great weekend!!!

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Great photos, we have a boardwalk very similar here in town.
Have a good weekend.

From the Heart of Texas said...

Awesome! The first thing I thought before reading your post was oh my! That looks like an eye! Ha, ha. Amazing about the woodpecker with the pecan. Great capture!

Jeanette said...

Great pictures! I love the wood river walk! Why did I not think to post a picture of the Boardwalk in in Atlantic City?

Anonymous said...

Great photos. I so love that woodpecker photo. It's awesome and that bridge is so cool looking. Thanks for stopping by my playground :)

Annie said...

Great choices of photos Brenda. Thanks for showing us!

And thanks for visiting mine too!

SquirrelQueen said...

Great shots, I love the bridge. And the woodpecker is so cute with the pecan in his beak.

Have a great weekend.

Joycee said...

We have a lot of woodpeckers here on Beaver Lake up near Rogers, AR. Come visit GrannyMountain!

desertnutmeg said...

Great shots! Love the tree and the woodpecker is always beautiful!

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Virginia Gal said...

I figure you are busy right now, because this is your tax season. No worries about less blogging.

bermudabluez said...

All really good shots Brenda! And don't worry about it....we'll all still be around when you are ready! Lord knows we all get busy sometimes!!

SOUL said...

sex in chinese is still s-e-x
who knew?