Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weather Forecaster

I picked Beans up from preschool on Wednesday because her Momma was busy with plumbing woes. She got busy right away watching cartoons on Noggin. When PopPop got home a little earlier than usual and asked Beans if he could turn the TV for just a minute to see what the weather forecast was, she jumped up, went and looked out the door, and told him, "It's sunny", before sitting back down to watch Little Bear.


jazzi said...

How ya'll kept from falling on the floor laughing your heads off, I'll never know. That's hilarious!

Sally said...

Oh my heavenly days, that Beans cracks me UP!! That is too funny, and she is just PRECIOUS!!! :)

SOUL: said...

that's too funny.
i don't wanna be a gramma just yet-- but they will be fun times.
beans makes me think of soulkid at about that age btw.
weather girl in the making perhaps?

howya been?

happy monday--
is school startin today?

Donna said...

HAHahahahaaaa.....Wonder what the look on James's face was like?!!!Hahaa...hughugs

Louise said...

Man, life would be dull without her around!