Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Surprise

At 5 a.m. this morning I was rudely awakened by a sharp, stabbing pain. I turned, I wiggled, I tossed back and forth a bit, I tossed back and forth a lot,,, trying to find a spot in my bed that would help ease the pain. Finally, after 30 minutes the intensity was worsening so I gave up and got up. Throughout the morning I paced, I stretched, I cried, I had dry heaves, I used heat, I used ice, but nothing was helping to diminish the pain in my upper right abdomen.

I felt it was too high to be my appendix, and in the wrong spot to be the usual acid indigestion/heartburn that I frequently have so I figured my gall bladder had to be the culpret. Let me tell you folks,,,I've had 3 large babies and I can't remember having labor pains as intensely agonizing as this pain. Not even kidney stones a few years ago was this bad,,,I swear!

I've had years of back pain for which I've seldom taken anything stronger than ibuprofen but
I gave up at 12:30 today and called the doctor. I needed relief in the form of some major pain medication and was at a point where I didn't give a hoot what it was or for how long it would make me goofy.

James was somewhere between the farm and Memphis moving equipment, Zach was gone fishing with our neighbor, Jeffrey, so I got dressed and drove myself to the doctor. A shot and some wonderful pills are keeping the pain monster at bay for now. I am supposed to go back on Monday for an ultrasound of my gall bladder and upper, right abdomen.

I hope they don't find rocks in there.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Resting Up

This picture has a cute story that goes along with it. A few minutes earlier, our Jilly Beans had sauntered over to where these two cute little boys were playing with their power truck. In less than 2 minutes she had the driver taking her for a ride. 2 minutes after that she was driving it.
Our Beans is quite a little flirt.

The girls catching a big bass.

The raptors recuperating..

I was very disappointed when I was downloading my pictures and discovered that I had taken every one of them at the smallest setting. I don't know how I did that but some of them won't be worth printing for sure.

We had a good time in NW Tennessee but I'm still tired from it. I think the kids had a good time though so it was worth a little weariness.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Before I Forget

Mrs. B. over there at Soul Survivor kindly gave me this award and I'm supposed to pass it on. I figured I'd better do it right now cause once I turn this puter off things that are out of my sight are mostly out of my mind too. I love when the people who click on my blog link take a little time out of their day to pause and read about what's going on down here in my part of the South.

Even when my posts have been few and far between as they have been lately.

Thank you Brenda!

And now,,,,Here are the rules:

1. When you receive this award you must thank the person that awarded you in a new post.

2. Name 10 things that make you happy.

3. Pass this award to other bloggers who make you happy.

1. Speckled Malted Milk Eggs

2. A hot bath on a cold day

3. A cool bath on a hot day

4. The sweet scent of a new baby

5. The smell of the first Spring rain on a fresh plowed field.

6. My kids,,,,some days

7. Our grandbabies

8. A good book

9. strong, black, hot coffee

10. Diet Dr. Pepper

I'm passing this on to all of the bloggers who reside on my blog list over there to the right cause they all make me happy every time I click over to see what they've been up to.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

James's mother made pear preserves and peach marmalade last summer. I thought they made a pretty picture sitting there side by side.

Apples and tangerines

Orange close-up. You can almost smell the citrus aroma.

A big ol red apple.

It's time again for our photo challenge! The prompt this go round is Fruit/Macro so I hope everyone has been seeking out the fruits! Don't forget to go to our Challenge Blog to click the links to view all the great shooters who've joined us this time.

I had planned on taking a picture of my bowl of peaches and berries that I've been having for breakfast every morning but by the time I thawed the fruit just right, and sprinkled the equal on it just so,,,I couldn't wait to take the time to get the camera to shoot it before eating it. Sorry about that.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ok, I"m gonna get busy here,,,,

In a minute. But first I wanted to post a couple of Springy pictures that I snapped yesterday.

Here's Mr. Robin looking all important as he struts his stuff. There must have been a Robin bachelor party going on over at the Helena River Park yesterday cause there were about 6 or 7 of these fellas wandering around.

This is worth clicking to see it bigger

I stuck the camera out of the truck window on the way home last evening to take this one. A car/truck/something with a motor had preceded us down the first gravel road leading home and the setting sun put such a pleasing glow over everything that even the dust clouds were beautiful. Dust is for sure a sign of Spring where I live. It means the tractors can get in the fields and get busy.

I'm taking a laptop with us on the trip so I'll be checking some time tomorrow to see all of the pictures for the new challenge.

Later gaters!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Some Things Just Ain't Right

The other day,,,I'm not sure if it was one day last week or the week before,,, but I happened to flip the TV over to channel 5 and caught some of Rachel Ray's talk show. Rachel was having a discussion with the legal minded Lisa Bloom and something she said just about made me jump up and down with righteous indignation cause it was just so wrong!

This woman, this TV lawyer, sat right there and in a gossipy voice, with Rachel hanging onto every word, had the nerve to say that while Tiger Woods came clean at a live press conference,,,apologized to his family, apologized to his friends, apologized to the wholedamnedworld (I repeat, this was on live TV), he did not, and should have, apologized to the women with whom he had the affairs.


I gotta tell you, I don't think Tiger Woods should have apologized to the world live on TV cause I don't think what he did, or didn't do, or does, concerning his marriage vows, is any of our business. I can see that he may have needed to apologize to some of his endorses, but only if there was some sort of morals clause in the contracts.

Those women? Why they're just what we in the south discretely call "old road whore groupies". This wasn't some Joe Blow from Kocomo they were messin' with, they knew he was married and they didn't care one iota. They were hoping some of his money would dribble on down to them or at least the recognition that went along with his celebrity status. For sure, if I were married to a dude with a ton of money and he did me wrong with some ol trash like that, I'd be suing their asses off, right along with his.

I've watched Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals for years but I'm not sure if I want to watch her talk show again if she's going to have that trash talkin' lawyer on there again.

Some things just ain't right, ya know?

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

It's Wednesday Already!

When WalMart starts putting this stuff out it means Spring might be just around the corner.....or it could mean a foot of snow next week,,,,

Where did the day go? What did I accomplish?

Nowhere and nothing.